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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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Hi I'm Will and I'm from Massachusetts. I know this website is about gaming addiction but currently my problem is YouTube (not gaming videos), Reddit, and comics. I used to play a lot of Hearthstone and avidly follow the Super Smash Brothers Melee scene. I've uninstalled Hearthstone and I haven't watched much of those games for about a month, although sometimes I would watch a video. So I have no idea whether or not I will start playing video games obsessively again. I have to write a research paper over the summer and I'm doing a lot of the stuff I mentioned instead of writing.

I started the detox in the first part of the month and it gradually broke down.

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Welcome Will! I can relate to consuming too much Youtube.  I've had a few nights this week where I continued to watch even though my brain was fried and I was well past my bedtime.  So this made for some crappy days at work.  This may not apply to you, but one thing that has helped me is not keeping my phone charged by my bed overnight. 

I hope you find the forum useful, see ya around!

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