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[SLEEP] Help! Can't stop sleep procrastination

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Hey guys,

I've successfully completed a 90-day game detox and overall have found that despite occasional relapses I'm able to control this part of my life.

But throughout my life - including during the detox - something I haven't been able to do consistently is go to bed early.

When I do go to bed early and wake up early, I know I'm super productive. I have more motivation, less distractions, and I just feel better about myself. But the longest streak I've managed was maybe 3 weeks (I've been trying for over a decade).

Sometimes it's watching videos or gaming or even reading that's keeping me up.

But sometimes it's literally nothing. I'll just sit there and stare out of space or spend more time in the shower/bathroom when I should be going to bed. It's like I can't make myself move towards the bedroom.

Has anyone had this problem? Any tips on how to fix this? I'm finding this more difficult than abstaining from games or videos...

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For me, I often procrastinate on going to bed because there's something that's stressing me out or I don't want to deal with what's happening tomorrow. My thoughts seem to just go on and on. Sometimes it's hard to pick out what the real issue is in the moment. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of the evening to to sit down and just journal or write down whatever's in my head often helps me process the endless thoughts that may come before bed. Another thing that may help is to have a routine before bed. Sounds like you may have tried some of this, but if not, hope that helps!

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