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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened



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Hello, It's me: Vojta

Hello from the other side: atjoV

Yeah I am just feeling GREAT thanks to Respawn and the fact I realize that I only I can make my life a dream life.

There are a ton of activities I'd like to do and be good at. I would like to open a new topic on that, because I dont know how to choose between them and in general how to choose a path I want to go in my life and more particularly the school choice (not sure If I am happy with the one I study at). I always runned away from problems, decesions and consiquences of that decesions, responsibility to games, where I felt everything is under control (btw a lovely song). But now I opened a new chapter ?


I am 20. I study at university, after summer holiday I will enter 2nd year. I am from Czech Republic.


Thank You for allowing me this!!!!!!

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