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Meditation noob here


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Hey guys, I think I could use meditation to relax my brain from being at full speed most of the day, but I know absolutely nothing about it. The things I've found in Google are too advanced or require payment, and I'm reluctant to pay before knowing if that resource will be actually useful. Can you help me or at least suggest some books or other resources that can get me started?

Thank you in advance.

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The best meditation resource and teacher is Shinzen Young who has built a very encompassing and integrative framework for applying mindfulness.



The most integrative and holistic approach I have come across is Ken Wilber's Integral Practice. I'm currently working through his book "Integrative Meditation", which takes the same skill of eastern mindfulness but applies it to western psychological developmental models. It's a little more complicated, I would start with Shinzen.

So, for meditation and all that comes with it specifically, Shinzen Young can't be beat. Then, for more on psychological development and tons of other aspects of human life, Ken Wilber.

Once thoroughly acquainted with meditation and it's 3 skills of concentration, equanimity and clarity, the absolute most awesome technique is simply becoming aware of being aware. Aware of the simple experience of being alive. Awareness of awareness itself and resting in that. But this is a little more advanced and it is advised to train concentration etc on more stimulating phenomena first, such as the breath, sounds, thoughts, etc (Shinzen has the most developed and accesible system for this).

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