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Changelog - 07/05/2018


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Sorry guys for the couple of downtimes the past few days, but the forum changed a bit and also the forum software itself, this took me some testing and playing around.

Here is a quick view of what got changed:

  • As already mentioned the Theme changed a bit and I have also added Icons to the navigation bar and some small color touches, unfortunately I cant get the Discord icon to work. I am also working on an alternate Theme which will be available soon.
  • Spammers: They are going nuts lately with their Japanese or bet sites which are mostly offline (No clue why they share a website for spamming which is offline). I HOPE I found a way to minimize this. But I've also added another addition. Users can report these spammers with a specific button (See screenshots below) and the Forum will automatically hide the reported post. Unfortunately the 'Auto Mod' will only hide the reported post, it wont ban and delete other topics from them, yet! Still working on something which will ban them automatically if X amount of reports is reached. For now, the created topic needs 2 unique reports (unique = different user) and the Auto Mod will hide that topic. Note: Auto Mod executes every 10 minutes, so the thread wont go away immediately.
  • Name Change: I asked @Cam Adair for permission to take money for this. It sounds ridiculous, but its a hell lot of work. A Name Change includes everything, the Username itself, Mentions and Quotes. Now imagine someone with 200+ posts asks me change his Name including Mentions and Quotes, I need to look into every thread where he participated and change it by hand. This takes time.
    Alternative: The Name Change WITHOUT mentions and quotes is for free! Since it takes a couple of seconds. Just drop me a PM or open a support ticket.
    For a "Full Name Change" I have created a Store Link where you can purchase it.
  • Fixed "Like". After the update it was kinda broken and it had emoticons for reactions, which doesnt fit here.
  • Performance should be a bit better, since a lot of stuff changed for the server.

Auto Mod addition to 'Report Post':



Report button.png

GQ Report popup.png



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Thanks!  Nice changes so far.  I like the side bar which shows who's online, the latest posts, newest member who joined.  Very easy to locate, nice set-up.  That's great about the name change.   Looking forward to the alternate theme.

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Small update for Auto Mod:

  • I finally got it working. Created a rule for reports. This means, the spammer needs 2 reports, but you can report every 5 minutes. The rule set looks like this:
    • Check amount of reports from member which content was reported (overall)
    • If the value from the reports is great than or equal 2, flag him as a spammer immediately.

So, no wait time (except for the report cooldown). If you see a thread from a fancy japanese spammer, just report it 2x and he should be gone including all his created threads.

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