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What makes you feel happy?

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1st - spending time with my family and friends
2nd - running and jumping around in the Woods
3rd - photography, because with a few simple photos I can bring a smile onto someone's face ^^

None of These by itself could fulfill my life but together they create a symbiosis:

Parkour in the forest to recharge after spending too much time with People (introverted……..). Photography to let my creativity flourish and Family and Friends for connectedness.

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As of now, the thing that makes me happy is spending my weekends with my friends. Just chilling on their houses or min while talking about what happened on our week at work is a good way to relieve stress. For me having some trustworthy friends to talk to and spend time with is the easiest and most simple way to make you happy.

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There's a ton of things I really do enjoy - here are some of my favorites:

  • Making new friends and enjoying and deepening already existing relationships
  • making and listening to honest and emotional music
  • reading a terrific book
  • figuring out how to improve my life and that of others

@johnwicky Thanks for creating this thread - I really do think focusing on the good stuff will eventually help us live better and more fulfilled lives.

Just thinking about what makes me happy genuinely made me brighten up ?




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