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Forum Rules + Troubleshooting + FAQ

Cam Adair

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Rule #1: Don't be an asshole. This is an inclusive and supportive community. All who are looking to improve their lives are welcome here.

Rule #2: No drama. Maturity is expected. We are not babysitters. Drama will not get a warning.



If you're having trouble signing up, make sure you've done the following:

- Validate Your Email: When you sign up you should have received a validation email (check your spam folder!) and you need to click on the link in that email.

- Try A New Browser: For whatever reason, occasionally trying a new browser will work. I have to do this from time to time too.

If you have done both of these and you are still having trouble signing in, please email us here: cam@gamequitters.com


How to tag someone in a post:

Type "@" and then their username. Sometimes it takes a second for the name to pop-up so be patient. It's recommended if you want someone to see your post (like you are referencing them or have a question for them) to tag them.

What do the green stars mean next to thread titles?

These are featured threads, which usually mean they are a new member or someone needs more urgent support. If you see a featured thread that you haven't responded to, we ask that you do!

How do I add a signature?

You can add a signature by clicking on Signature under Account Settings.

Is the forum public or private?

This forum is PUBLIC except the private Respawn and Challenge areas. Only share what you are comfortable sharing and assume that anything you share is public (because it is.)

How do I change my Forum Theme?

At the bottom of the forum site you will see "Theme" and "Contact Us". Click Theme and you can change yours to the oldschool red one.

Can you delete my account or content from the site?

No. As stated above, this is a public forum and it's your responsibility to share only what you are comfortable sharing with a public audience. Once you make a post, you have 24 hours to edit it as you wish. If at any time you have posted personal-identifying information (full name, address, etc) that you would like edited, please message an administrator. This only applies to extremely sensitive information that can be personally identifying.

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