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Playing from childhood, want to quit, don't know how to replace


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Hi all.

Right now.

I have been on a game pause for 3 months. then 2 month overlaps. and now deleted all games again. and today is a weekend and I'm in the new country, no contacts yet and literally don't know what to do I seek for some relax and relief with pleasure, which gaming was for me, but can't find it. so almost all day I stare in the monitor and still feel tired after working week

how you relax guys without gaming?


movie hard to choose for me, I'm a very picky
 a book I can read for 1 hour, then boring
cycling is good, but I don't have bike still and I'm tired after running yesterday

Sometimes I feel like I better go to work, then thinking about what to do on weekends. I'm a programmer and love my work
I was in the gym yesterday. what now? :)

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3 hours ago, Philipp said:



I just can't find in such activities as much joy and relaxation as in gaming. While gaming I can forget about the world around me and switch off the brain.
After the session, I feel relaxed and interested in something again. It is like a pause from a real life.

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I too find reading books boring, but I have switched to audiobooks. Now I can't get enough of them, I always want to be listening to them. If you find a library that has access to Overdrive, then it's free as well. It surprisingly makes  simple chores such as washing dishes or taking the rubbish out more enjoyable. You could also combine them with walking like @Philipp suggested.


I tend to have two books going at once depending on what I am doing (if I want to concentrate on it or not) - right now I am listening to the The Hobbit and The Bitter Road to Freedom.

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