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Ashley K.

Hey again

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Hey everyone,

I'm Ashley and I've been on and off here for awhile. Constantly relapsing, always learning. Still learning, which is why I posted here in Relapse.

I've been in a constant cirlce of relapsing for awhile now. NOt really knowing what I should be doing until I saw where my life would be if I kept going. A never ending cycle of nothing. Just lying on my deathbed, regretting everything I should've done when I could do it.

I dont know about you but thats a scary thought. I know we're all going to die eventually but not today. So while Im still living, I'm going to make the most of it and accomplish everything I've wanted. 

Plus, I'll be posting more often and be more interactive with the community :11_blush:

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Death is not what's important.  Many people make their lives miserable trying to live an extra few days or weeks at the end.  They avoid tasty foods, and fun activities, and they keep out of the sunshine.  But what is a life if it's been robbed of its... well, life?  Live well.  Pursue dreams.  Make every day a step towards something, but realize that this day is a gift too, not just part of a slog towards death.

Death is less of a tragedy than not living.

You own your life.  Enjoy it!

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