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Hello fellow ex-gamers!

My name is Wouter, 25 years old and I'm from Holland. Here is my short story

I was 6 when my dad brought home the Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64, Mario kart 64 and bought me Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I've been stuck to gaming ever since. In the first few years after I've send friends away when they came to my house to ask me to play outside. When I was 12 I got bullied, because I was small, an easy target and lacked social skills. This got me even deeper into playing games as it was a place for me to forget about every day. When I was 18 and had to study, I skipped school as much as I could just to play games. I've tried 2 studies and haven't finished either of them. I am stuck at a job I don't like anymore, living in my parents' house still, with so many ambitions that they overwhelm me and leave me paralyzed enough that I could only play games - until today.

I made a website last year when I wanted to improve my life somehow too with setting some goals. I was really motivated and excited when I started that. But I never quit gaming and eventually fell back into the old habits of playing games all day instead of working on my goals. For a way more personal peak into my life, it does have a blog about my past and problems:   https://xeroforthewin.wixsite.com/lagilogi/

What gaming kept me from what I actually wanted to do:
Improve my personal website to what I want it to be - Moving out of my parents' house - Professionally running and improving my Teespring webshop - Hosting my own monthly music parties - Reading books - Learning Spanish - Learning Japanese - Learning to play piano - Learning to produce music - Producing a hiphop track - Producing a Hardstyle track - Learning to draw - Drawing and writing my own manga/anime - Writing a book about hosting parties for beginners - Writing a script and direct a scene with real actors - And finally, the very far-stretched goal is to have my own Formula 1 team.

So many things and I don't know where or how to start.. 

Today I quit cold turkey, got rid off all of my games, removed any bookmark or liked Facebook page that is linked to gaming. Time to start the life I want to live!

PS: My head is fried from typing and revising this introduction a million times (perfectionist) so excuse me when it isn't all clear. :7_sweat_smile:

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