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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My Goal is to Write Every Day to this Journal


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I have watched this video:

 and this man told that if i want to stop play in video games I must write every day to my journal. So I decide to do this. My goal is to write to this journal every day.  It's not easy because I don't know English very well and every sentence is a lot of time for me. Yes I can write this journal in Russian and it will be more easy for me but I think that hard work is a good work. So I will know English better. Maybe this journal will help me to stop play in video games and I will know English better. 



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2 day:
I uninstalled all games yesterday. It's very easy. But I can install them again. So the main goal is not install them again (it's not easy). But I want to say that I did not play yesterday, I did not visit any useless website, I worked yesterday all day and it was nice. So I hope that today I also will not play I hope that I will not visit any useless websites, I hope that I will open only useful websites for my life and I will not waste my time for useless things. This is my goal to this day.

Also I want to watch some videos and I want to read a book about addiction. If I want to be free from addiction I must know more about it.My second goal is to watch and to read something about addiction.

I watched this video about addiction to games:


And the main things form this video:
1. One of the first principle that makes you a man is the ability to make a good decision. My decision is to stop play in video games and to stop read and watch useful information. If I can do it I'm man.
2. The second thing is action. I want to do some action. I want to do only useful for me things.
3. Video game is really sad because they're basically just escaping into this fantasy video game world but we need to live in real world. Only real world can test our bravery and our honor and our integrity.
4. The thing that separate the men from the great men is perseverance. If you want to be the great men you have to have extraordinary perseverance. I need to have extraordinary perseverance to quit from games and useful information from websites.



I have read some information from this book (Adam Alter "Irresistible")

"It’s hard to exaggerate how much the “like” button changed the psychology of Facebook use. What had begun as a passive way to track your friends’ lives was now deeply interactive, and with exactly the sort of unpredictable feedback that motivated Zeiler’s pigeons. Users were gambling every time they shared a photo, web link, or status update. A post with zero likes wasn’t just privately painful, but also a kind of public condemnation: either you didn’t have enough online friends, or, worse still, your online friends weren’t impressed. Like pigeons, we’re more driven to seek feedback when it isn’t guaranteed".


So the main thing is we became pigeons. We don't want to play but we play.


"The act of liking subsequently became the subject of etiquette debates. What did it mean to refrain from liking a friend’s post? If you liked every third post, was that an implicit condemnation of the other posts? Liking became a form of basic social support—the online equivalent of laughing at a friend’s joke in public. Likes became so valuable that they spawned a start-up called Lovematically. The app’s founder, Rameet Chawla, posted this introduction on its homepage:
It’s our generation’s crack cocaine. People are addicted. We experience withdrawals. We are so driven by this drug, getting just one hit elicits truly peculiar reactions.
I’m talking about Likes.
They’ve inconspicuously emerged as the first digital drug to dominate our culture".

So it's important for us not to visit useless websites. We are not pigeons.

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Hello kef777!

Doing this purely on willpower is difficult.

I recommend using website blocking software like ColdTurkey or Freedom.

Like you mentioned, random feedback is a fiercely addictive thing. Getting the right tools does not make you a lesser man.

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day 3
I did not visit any useless website yesterday. I did not play yesterday. I like it. But it's only 2 days. I can install game again and I can visit useless website again. It's important to concentrate every day. My main goal today is not visit any useless website and I don't want to play today any second. My second goal is to watch something about addiction and to read something about addiction.  Knowledge is power.

It's important to find a new hobby. Sometimes I will be bored. It's normal. So I decide to sleep more often (my new hobby) and I decide to do something for ecology (my new hobby) (Yesterday I took  photos of the animals and plants in my park). My park will be changed other people (my government) and I fear that some animals and plants will die. So I want to make a lot of photos of the animals and plants in my park  and I want to send this information to ecologists and maybe my government will listen to this ecologists and we will save a lot of animals and plants.

So I like my new hobby (ecology) because I do something important and it's important to be more often on nature. I want to see nature more often.

My new hobby is a programming. I use Python to write a program in artificial intelligence. Sometimes I'm bored but sometimes I'm so happy and I have a lot of joy that I can write interesting programs. But if I play in video games I lose this happy. If I play I want only to play. I have this joy to programming only if I don't play. 

I have found this 3 new hobby (I will sleep more often if I bored, I will do something for ecology more often and I will see nature nature more often if I'm bored and I will write the programs in artificial intelligence more often if I'm bored). I hope that I will have a lot of joy to this things and I hope that this hew hobbies will be more interesting for me than gaming and visit useless websites). I hope that my new hobbies will help me to overcome the addiction.




Important information from this video:

1. Need to be free 90 days from gaming

2. Gaming gives the same type of dopamine rush and it's actually called rapid dopamine release

3.If you play in video games really intense your brain is changing. You don't want to play in games but your brain want to play.

4.Real life can be absolutely amazing, real life is more interesting than gaming.

5. If you play in video games really intense your brain will change. You will not have a lot of joy to real world. It's normal.

6. If you play in video games really intense you became hyper-reactivity to gaming which basically means that gaming is a lot of fun and everything else is boring

7. The third change is willpower erosion

8. 90 day detox will help you to came back. Your willpower will improve.

9. 90 days in enough time to start decent progress.


I want to be free 90 days from any games and from any useless websites. It's my goal. I don't want to visit any useless page in Internet 90 days and I don't want to play any second in any games. My willpower will improve.



This is interesting information from book (Adam Alter "Irresistible" )  : “Many casinos use ‘luck ambassadors.’ They sense that you’re reaching your pain point—the moment when you’re about to leave the casino—and they dispatch someone to give you a bonus.” These bonuses were either meal vouchers or a free drink or even cash or gambling credits. Bonuses are classified as “marketing” rather than a way of changing the odds of winning, so regulators turned a blind eye. With a new dose of positive reinforcement, gamblers tended to continue playing anew, until they reached another pain point after a series of losses.

It's really interesting information. I think that any video game also try to give you positive reinforcement.

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16 hours ago, 16030669g said:

hello Kef!! welcome!

Stay strong! I am here rooting for you! It will not be an easy journey, but when you reach the destination, u will know its worth it. 

Thank you for good words. I failed a lot of time tried to be free from games and I hope that this attempt will be better.

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day 4


I did not play yesterday, I did not visit any useless website. It's nice. I wrote a program in Python for machine learning. It's nice. I did not have a lot of passion to it but it was interesting for me to write programs. Also I wrote a letter to prosecutor's office to protect my park. I have a lot of passion for this. I think that my rights have been violated and the prosecutor will make decide.


My goal today is not play to games and my second goals is to read something and to watch something about addiction



important thoughts from this video:

1. If I stop play in video games this can be the greatest catalyst of my life.

2. I can relapse quickly after. So I must be very concentrate on my goal to stop play in video games and to stop visit useless websites.

3. If I stop play video games I'm feeling a sense of loss. I trying to cover up the sense of loss but if I am not careful I can very quickly relapse. So it's important to be very careful.

4. Sometimes it will be not easy for me. I will feel depression or something like that and  I will want to play in video games. These stages aren't always linear and they can be a bit up and down they can weave in they can weave out. It's normal.

5. If I feel depressed some days that's okay. I'm forming a new identify. It's normal. I can feel this void because gaming was filling it. I was a gamer. It can still mean something to me. It's normal.I will make a new version of myself. It's okay.

6. I need go around and be with nature. Nature has the ability to heal me and heal my spirit.

7. I need to be connecting with other friends. I must being social. I need spend my time with friends. I need call them on the phone. And I will call my friend. I agree with that.

8. I need to be one day at a time be in nature. I need make sure that I'm social. I agree with that. I think that this good thought.

8. I move from one chapter my life to another chapter of my life. It's nice. That is beautiful.This is an opportunity to learn more about myself. I will feel alive



"You start playing because you want to have fun, but you continue playing because you want to avoid feeling unhappy" this is quote from book. I agree with that. It's nice quote.

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I did not play yesterday. I did not visit any useless website.I did not visit any useless page in Internet. It's nice. I like it. I had a very big passion to my park yesterday. My park has some problems. I see fires every day. I see a lot  garbage everyday. It's really bad for plants and for animals. No one try to do something to change situation. I wrote many letters to my government to do something but no one did something to improve situation.

Firefighters extinguished fire in the park yesterday.

I had so big passion to change situation. And now very important people will read my letters again in government in my city and in government in capital of my country. Also procurator will make some decision. I hope that he will write a fine to people who do nothing.

I'm waiting now decision from procurator, from some people in my city in government and from some people in capital of my country in government.

My passion yesterday was so big that I slept only 6 hours. I could only think about it. I want to change situation. I want to protect green plants and animals from fires and from garbage.

My goal today is not play in video games and not to visit any useless web page in Internet. My second goal today is to read something and to watch something about addiction.

I was so happy yesterday that important people decided to read my letters again and analyze this situation again. I need to wait 30 days (important people will  analyze this situation 30 days).  My passion was so big, so big.



Important things from video:

1. People are unhappy, and they want to escape into the virtual world.

2. We are nobody in the real world, and we want to become important person in virtual world. We want to be hero but real heroes overcome with difficulties, but do not run away from the difficulties in the virtual world to find escape. We are not hero if we run away from the difficulties.

3. If we run away from difficulties, If we play,  we become antisocial, we become weak. We need to learn to overcome with difficulties. If we run away from difficulties, we become anti-heroes.

4. We play to be heroes but we become anti-heroes. It's truth this addiction.


Update from book:

Quote: "Historically most gamers have been men, but the gaming world has begun to appeal to women and other underserved groups. In fact, in August 2014, women over the age of eighteen became the largest demographic in gaming". It's interesting.

"Time called the game one of the fifty worst in inventions of all time"

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day 5


I did not play yesterday,. I did not visit any useless web page in Internet. It's nice. I have great passion to my park. Some people think that big passion is a good but if you have big passion you can think only about it. It's not easy to work it's not easy to do something. It's good but it's as also bad.

I'm glad that I'm abe to have so big passion inside. It's nice. You feel a lot of energy, a lot of desire to do something inside your body.

If you have a lot of passion you live in this world.

I had a lot of passion to video games a lot of years.

I'm very glad that today I have passion to something else.

My goal today is to not play in video games not to visit useless web sites. and to read something from book and to watch something about addiction.

I think that if you are gamer it's important not to play but to find your new passion. Your new passion is the best heal thing.

I want to tell that I don't want to watch something about addiction and I don't want to read something about addiction but I need to do this. It's a pill, and I have to drink this pill every day because I can play in video game again and it will be bad for my life.



Important thoughts from the video:

3 steps to stop Stop Mindlessly Browsing The Internet

1. "Choose new activities". I agree with it. It's obviously.

2. Engagement > Entertainment

3. Sit with urges

I don't agree with it. I think that the most important thing to Stop Mindlessly Browsing The Internet is to stop to visit useless web sites at all.

Mindlessly Browsing The Internet is an addiction. If we want to overcame addiction wee need to stop do this addiction at all.

So we must stop to visit this useless web sites. We need to concentrate on that every day. But I'm agree that we need to find new activities. But I think that useless websites are addiction. You can not visit them only 1 or 10 times every day. You will do it a lot of time or you can stop to do that at all. You have two choice.

The most important thing is to visit only useful pages in Internet.

I think that this web site is a useful.



"In a classic paper, marketing professors Dražen Prelec and Duncan Simester showed that people will pay up to twice as much for the same item when using a credit card rather than cash. Credit cards, like slot machine cards, hide all feedback from a spender, who has to keep track of his own gains and losses instead. ” This is a quote from a very interesting book about addiction Adam Alter "Irresistible".

It's interesting quote.

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I did not play yesterday, I did not visit any useless page on the Internet. I was happy yesterday, because I felt the sea of passion within myself. My goal today is not to play games and not visit useless video sites.

The most important thing - I was happy yesterday. I was happy without games and without useless sites. I was happier than when I was playing games and was uselessly surfing the Internet.

My goal today is not to play in any video games and not to visit any useless web site. My second goal is to watch something about addiction and to read something addiction.

I think that now I'm happier, because I do not feel guilty, that I spend my time on useless things.

If you find something interesting and useful, then it is interesting and there is no sense of guilt.



5 Books You Must Read To Help You Quit Playing Video Games


1. "Power of of Habit", I already read this book, so it's not new information for me.

2. "The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life" by Jeff Olson

3. "HOOKED" by Nir Eyal

4. "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, Winner of the 2009 Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize"

"Dr. Mate, who for twelve years practiced medicine in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside – North America’s most concentrated area of drug use, begins by telling the stories of his patients, who, in their destitution and uniformly tragic histories, represent one extreme of the addictive spectrum. With his trademark compassion and unflinching narrative eye, he brings to life their ill-fated and mostly misunderstood struggle for relief or escape, through substance use, from the pain that has tormented them since childhood".

Maybe I will read this book.

5. "Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions and Live Life on Your Terms"

"Mike Cernovich's mindset techniques have helped countless men and women improve their health and fitness, develop deeper personal and romantic relationships, and take control of anxiety and worry, and make more money.

Cernovich knows everyone can live a life previously unimaginable by taking control of their mindset".



"FarmVille and other Facebook games were successful in part because once you were hooked they never let you go" this is quote from book.


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I did not play yesterday. I did not visit any useless web sites yesterday. It's nice. It was easy. I don't use any program to do that. I like my new hobby more than playing games. I do not need to force myself. I am glad for the new changes.

Yesterday I decided to record voice birds in my park. I bought new microphone for birds. I did it because I want to know which birds live in the park. It was interesting to use  microphone for birds. It was more interesting than playing games or visit useless web sites. To record the voices of birds and to discover them is something new for me. It is always more interesting to do something new than to repeat the old bad habit.

Also I walked in park I saw nature It's nice. It's more interesting than sitting alone at the computer.

Today my goal is to read something about addiction and to watch something about addiction. I don't want to do that but I must do it to overcame my addiction. Also my goals is not to play and not to visit any useless web site.


It's very interesting to record the voices of birds



Important thoughts from the video:

1. The problem with video games is that it constantly rewards my brain for achieving nothing.

2. If we play we are just wasting our life

3. Video games are specifically designed to hack my natural reward

4. The most addicting games constantly bomdard us with rewards.

Update from book:


"Which of the following steps in the chain below would you expect to make people happiest?
Step 1: Desiring something (food, sleep, sex, etc.).
Step 2: Wondering whether that desire will be satisfied.
Step 3: Having the desire satisfied.

Step 3 is the obvious answer. It’s the step that frustrated fans when The Italian Job, Serial, and The Sopranos ended without resolution, and it’s the reason we bother with steps 1 and 2 at all".

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I did not play yesterday. I did not visit any useless site on the Internet. It's good.

I found a new hobby. My new hobby is to explore the animals and plants in my park and do something useful for my park.

I saw yesterday a policeman in the park. I have not seen any policeman for decades. But in our park people are sometimes killed, sometimes women are raped. I wrote a lot of letters before that I did not see a single inspector and policeman in the park for decades.

A policeman said yesterday that they are here because people complain.

It is wonderful. I'm glad that I and other people can bring some benefit to the park. I hope that my park will be safer if these policemen will patrol the park.

I played video games for many years, and I just spoiled my health, and only wasting my time.

The main plus of life without video games is that you can do something useful, both for others and for yourself. When I walk in the park, my health gets better. I'm doing something useful for myself. I see nature more often.

My goal for today is to watch some video about addiction, and also read something about addiction. The second goal is not to play and not to visit useless sites.


Video about addiction


1. People play in video games because they can’t control themselves.

2. I spent a lot of time on video games a lot of years. I would have had a much more successful life now, if not for these games. I would have better health today.

3. Video games can ruin our lives.

4. Video games ruin our motivation to leave home, video games ruin our motivation to finish college. Video game  ruin a relationship with other people who example with lovely girl.

5. If we play in video games we go to very dark and lonely place.

6. We can play every day 5 or 10 hours a day. We begin skipping classes, we refuse to leave the house.

7. Any gamer want to stop playing and start living the real life.

8. Some people playing for eight hours a day.

9. We have hidden our addiction from everybody.

10. If we play in video games our work sucked and our boss always getting on us to be better.

11. If we play in video games we don’t like ourselves.

12. What would our life be like without this video game addiction? We would be happier and we would have more friends. We would have a more fulfilling life.


A book about addiction

Quote from book (Adam Alter “Irresistible”): “Checking a box doesn’t seem like a major hurdle, but even small hurdles loom large when people are trying to decide how their organs should be used when they die. That’s not the sort of question we know how to answer without help, so many of us take the path of least resistance by not checking the box, and moving on with our lives. That’s exactly how countries like Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands asked the question—and they all had very low donation rates.

Countries like Sweden, Austria, and Belgium have for many years asked young drivers to opt out of donating their organs by checking a box:
If you are NOT willing to donate your organs, please check this box:

The only difference here is that people are donors by default. They have to actively check a box to remove themselves from the donor list. It’s still a big decision, and people still routinely prefer not to check the box. But this explains why some countries enjoy donation rates of 99 percent, while others lag far behind with donation rates of just 4 percent”.

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I did not play yesterday, I did not visit any useless website. It's ok. A few days ago I removed two porn videos from my computer. I do not watch any porn video now.

 As a hobby yesterday, I programmed. I wrote a program to recognize my cat. It was interesting. When you write a program, then you fight. You can win or lose. If your program works, then you win. If your program does not work, then you lose.

It's a battle every day. If you play video games, then you just go into the virtual world as a escape. If you write programs, then you are fighting in the arena. Your goal is to make sure that your program works. You're like a real warrior in the arena. I as a warrior won in a real battle.

Yesterday I won. I wanted to write part of the program, and this part worked.

When you write programs, you give yourself a goal every day. Today my goal is to write an algorithm that will predict whether there is a cat or not based on new data.

Also, every day I want to learn something about programming, to read something about programming, to watch something about programming, and keep a daily diary about programming. I will do it in Russian language. It will be easier for me.

Yesterday I was able to make the program work, because I was focused on the goal. I was not distracted by visiting useless sites and games. When you are concentrated, it is easier for you to achieve the goal.

My goal for today is not to play and not visit useless sites, and also read something about the addiction and to watch something about addiction. Also I want to start a daily diary about programming, but not here. This daily diary is not a journal about programming. This daily diary is a journal about addiction and how to overcame addiction.


1. This week we humans will spend 3 billion hours playing video games

2. 1.2 billion people play regularly

3. 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls under 18 lock their eyeballs on a video game quote "regularly" according to game designer and author Jane McGonigal.

4. A study found that video game players have a less robust striatum nucleus

5. Video game may even develop a neurological disorder


Quote from book "What makes Facebook and Instagram so addictive is that every activity you post either does—or doesn’t—attract likes, regrams, and comments"

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I did not play yesterday, did not visit useless sites, did not watch TV, did not listen to the radio, did not watch movies, did not watch TV shows, did not watch useless sports games like football. I was focused on what is important to me.

Yesterday I did much more than I did before, when I played games.

I got up in the morning and did something useful until the end of the day. I was not distracted.

Earlier, when I played games and visited useless sites, I was constantly distracted, so I did everything very slowly and very little. Yesterday I did everything very quickly and much.

If you do not play and do not visit useless sites, then you start to enjoy the hard work. If you enjoy the hard work, then you start doing this job much better than before.

Yesterday I started my daily diary about programming on one of the Russian programming sites, and it was interesting for me. Also yesterday I wrote an algorithm. It was very simple.

I was focused yesterday on my goals. I did everything quickly and much better than before. If you stop playing and visit useless sites, then your life gets better.

My goal today is not to play games, not to visit useless sites, read anything about addiction, watch something about addiction, write a daily programming day, read something about programming, watch something about programming, and make my program better. Also my goal is to work today. Another of my goal is to send voices of birds and photos of trees and animals to different forums.mer is 33 years old


1. Some people addictive to Internet

2. A lot of parents tell that children need to do something about it.

3. This boy spend entire weekend watching videos

4. Internet addiction is a real medical issue

5. This boy don't want to waste his time in Internet

6. This boy decide to open computer less than an hour per day


"MMOs are more sophisticated than MUDs, but if you strip away their impressive graphics and sound effects, you’re left with the same basic structure: a series of quests and remote interactions among gamers who become friends, relying on one another for support both within and beyond the game." - it's quote from book called "Irresistible" by Adam Alter about video addiction

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I did not play yesterday, I did not visit useless sites.But I had no passion yesterday, and it was a boring day.

My goal today for dependence is not to play, not to visit useless sites. I also have other goals, but they do not relate to dependence. Also, I would like to raise my passion today. Also I want to see something about addiction, read something about addiction.

1. 3 Steps: How to Quit Addiction FOREVER ► The "Do Nothing" Principle | (How to Stop Any Addiction...)

Interesting thoughts from this video

1. It's easy to quit from any addiction but it's also easy to make relapse.

2. Three principle to quit any addiction:

-- The  "do nothing" principle

-- How to practice this discipline daily

-- What mindset you should have

3. Step 1 : Understand and the "do nothing" principle

All you have to do quit addiction, whether it be hardcore drugs, pornography, sex, anything is to just do nothing. As long as you do nothing, you're free.

An urge for your addiction is like a simple itch on your body somewhere, all you have to do in order to overcome the addiction is to do nothing

Itches and urges are never permanent, they're all temporary and if you are able to do nothing, AKA not scratch the itch, you've won

We almost never do nothing.And this is the roof, after all my searching of addiction

4. Step 2: How to practice doing nothing (3 ways)

The concept of this isn't to stop your mind, you can think freely, just be aware of what you're thinking, and to just sit and do nothing.

Literally the steps are to get a 20 minute timer, to sit in a chair, and try to stay as still as possible the entire time.

In the beginning you may be thinking, this is the most boring thing in the world, but realize that that's just another addiction, another itch you want to scratch. You're always wanting to do something, maybe even work, and have never practiced just sitting with the void, needing nothing, and knowing that it's ok to be here by yourself.

The point here is to just train yourself to not scratch the itch.

The way to not do anything isn't to fight and resist, don't try to force the itch away, you can't.

The only thing you can do is accept that you have an urge, feel where you're having sensations in your body, and know that it's temporary. It will pass, as long as you do nothing.

The second way to practice this is to do one thing at a time.

For me and most people online, we're always multi-tasking, when doing work, we're listening to music, when eating we're watching a show, even when watching a video we're scrolling through the comments.

It's simple when watching a video, pause it and open a new tab or comment. When you start to do one thing at a time, you are practicing your self-awareness.

When the urge hits, I would question, "What if I don't need to be confident anymore?" It's all about you wanting to be a person who is control of themselves, who can quit addiction

5. Step 3: The mindset to quit addiction

It's not about external rewards, it's about who you want to be, because that's the only reason that can defeat addiction. Not a negative like what I used to say to myself, "I'll regret it! I'll feel bad!" Well my mind also knew that porn was pleasurable so that argument didn't help.

Watching porn is not a part of who you want to become.

2. Quote from book (Adam Alter "Irreristible"):

"Our guys get sidetracked, and they develop intimacy disorders. They don’t have the skills to bring sexuality and intimacy together. Many of them turn to pornography instead of forming real relationships, and they never seem to understand true intimacy"

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I did not play yesterday, I did not visit any useless site, I did not watch porn, did not watch TV. I did my job. I did an important part of my work yesterday. I was happy. I wrote a neural network for machine learning for my program. I wrote a daily diary on programming. I thought that no one would read it. I thought I would write for myself, because few people are interested in machine learning. But I received a comment yesterday from a man who knows machine learning better than I do. It is wonderful.

But most importantly, yesterday I had a passion. I did not have a super-passion. I have super-passion only when I want to help my park. But I had a middle passion. I wanted to finish my work. I was interested in writing a neural network. It was an interesting day. I received important information about birds flying in my park. It was a good day. I'm glad I lived the day yesterday.

I want to have a passion for what I'm doing today too. I do not want to play today, and I do not want to visit useless sites. I want to watch at something about addiction, I want to read something about addiction. I want to do my job today. I want to write a daily journal about programming. I want to do more things. But most importantly - I want to have passion today too. I want to have an interesting day.


Update, video about addiction :


Interesting thoughts from the video

1. This man played games 10 to 12 hours every day.

2. Sometimes he playing playing playing every single day

3. But he was able to quit video game addiction

4. Anyone can be addicted to video games, sex, porn, alcohol, drugs, etc.

5. Everyone who is addicted to video games has the same exact problems

6. If we play in games we loss our life

7. You have to ask yourself: "Are you glad that you're playing?"

8. You have to ask yourself: "Do you want to move on?"

9. You must look into your future. Who will you become if you play and visit useless sites in 10 next years?

10. Let's create a routine let's create a daily routine to write a daily diary about addiction. It really helps

11. We will not have desire to play on video games because in the past we was so dependent on playing games as our escape.

12. Overcame an addiction is regaining control of our life and not letting our bad habits being control of us.


Update, book about addiction (Adam Alter "Irresistible"):

1. "China had become the first country to declare Internet addiction a clinical disorder, labeling it “the number one public health threat” to its teenage population".

2. "There are more than four hundred treatment centers in China, and, according to the country’s definition of Internet addiction, more than twenty-four million teen Internet addicts".

3. Professor Ran: "Internet addiction is a cultural problem among Chinese teenagers. It has surpassed any other problem"

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I did not play yesterday. I have not visited any useless page on the Internet. I wrote the program as a hobby. It was interesting.

I used to have addictions. I played a game called Dota. I visited a lot of sports sites. I watched a lot of football games. My favorite club was Manchester United. I watched all games of this club. I watched twitch.tv and so on. I used to surf the Internet a lot.

I did not play at all anymore. I do not watch football games anymore, I do not read news about football anymore. I no longer watch Manchester United games and do not read news about this club. I do not watch football games anymore and I do not read news about football anymore.

It gives time to do something useful. You can study, you can do something useful. It is wonderful.

You can learn. You can make interesting projects. You can study programming. You can do your job better, because you are not distracted.

My goal today is not to play, not to visit meaningless pages on the Internet. Read something about addiction, watch at something about addiction. Make my work. Take a walk in the park. Write a daily diary about programming. But most important is to feel the passion.

I think that we are surrounded by many addictions. The only way to be free is to have a passion for something useful. Yesterday I had a passion for programming. I felt drive, passion. It was an interesting day. I felt drive to my work.

I think that if you stop play to games, if you stop visit useless websites, then anyone will have a passion for something else, for something important.

I think that people not have interest to something useful because they are addicted. If they go away from addiction they will have a passion to something useful. 

The most important thing is that you want to learn something. If you stop play in games and visit useless websites you have passion to learn something.


1.If you stop play in games it really regained the passion and determination to continue to get that next step

2. We play in games because for a lot of people is a reward rather than escape but for some people it's an escape.

3. If we play we are not improving and our situation gets worse and worse.

4. I was using gaming to escape my society and it was not solving, it was making it worse

5. He is enjoying going to work, he is enjoying studying, He is enjoying reading and doing all his hobbies everything

6. Now he was having better life quality as a result.

7. He hope to continue to explore to develop on in the next year or so

8. He found that writing it out was a lot of better

9. we are all unique, so everyone should have their own way of solving the problem.

10. He is really glad that he finished it (play in games)

11. He feels that it as a bigger hill there

12. He is going to aim fro 365 days without games and keep going

13. He want to grow and grow and grow


Quote from book called Adam Alter "Irresistible"

1. "This gap between public and private behavior contradicts the myth that we fail to break addictive habits because we lack willpower. In truth, it’s the people who are forced to exercise willpower who fall first".

2."In one study, Xianchi Dai and Ayelet Fishbach at the University of Chicago asked students in Hong Kong to abstain from using Facebook for three days. With each passing day they missed Facebook more acutely, and so inferred that they liked it more, and said they wanted to use it more often".

3 "The key to overcoming addictive behaviors, then, is to replace them with something else".

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14 day
I did not play yesterday, I did not visit any useless sites. It is wonderful.

What is the main lesson I can learn from my diary? I see that my passion is restored to everything. When I was playing, I felt passion only for games and useless sites (about football, about Dota, about porn and so on).

Now I have a passion for something useful.

For example, yesterday I wrote two neural networks. The first one will help me learn what I do at the computer. The second will improve the quality of life of my cat. And I had a passion to write these programs.

Also I began to work more.

I began to have a passion for everything. I'm even interested in writing this diary.

The main lesson from this diary is that if we quit from addiction, then we restore the passion for something useful.

Today I will play chess with my friend (it's real chess on real board), and I'll try to help his child. He also plays a lot, I'll try to suggest doing what I do. I'll ask him to write a diary, then watch at something about addiction, then read something about addiction. I think that this scheme works and quickly cures dependence.

I'll try to put the experiment on another person.

My goal today is not to play, not to visit useless sites, read something about addiction, watch at something about addiction. I think that when we watch at something about addiction and read and write, then we treat ourselves.



1. Sugar is a substance extracted from plants like cane and sugar beet which is refined into a white crystalline

2. Sugars are addictive because they cause a supernatural release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the primary neurotransmitter involved in addiction.

3. Sugar and sweet rewards can no only substitute addictive drugs like cocaine but can even be more rewarding and  attractive the brain chemistry of those addicted to drugs

4. 7 step process to breaking sugar addiction:

-- realize what's going on with my brain and my body if I eat sugar. Breads and pastas with sugar caused the same problems as sugar. The brain is still getting it's fix of a large dopamine release from these items and it's still causing all the negative effects of sugar consumption. If I really want to break addiction I have to understand how the brain works and seeks out these sugars.

-- Understand levels of addiction. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic. The same way that not everyone who eats dessert becomes a sugar addict.

-- Only a very small percentage of people have a truly addictive brain to sugar

-- You need to detox, a period of time completely away from sugar.

-- Become a nutrition label ninja. Yogurt pasta sauce and protein barogten have tons of added sugar. You need to become a pro at reading nutrition labels.

-- Balance blood sugar levels by eating. You need to eat healthy food. Protein fiber and healthy fat at every meal

-- Avoid sugar and processed foods

-- Pay attention to other sugars as well. What about honey and agave nectar. The more you eat sugar the more you crave. You need to eat fruit.

-- Apples berries and oranges are good food and fruits can be replacement for addiction because they contain fibers water vitamins and minerals.


Update (quote from Adam Alter "Irresistible") :

"Number of episodes before 70 percent of viewers are hooked:

The walking dead - 2 episodes

Suits - 2 episodes

Sons of Anarchy - 2 episodes

Scandal - 2 episodes

Dexter - 3 episodes"

It's better not to watch TV at all because we will only waste our time.

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I did not play yesterday in the video games. I did not visit any useless site. My goal for today is not to play video games and not to visit any useless site (useless page).

I think that for success in life it is important to have a passion for what we do. But if we become addicted to useless things, then we lose our passion for what we are doing. Therefore, it is important to abandon all useless addictions.

It is important to abandon games, from TV, from football, from porn, from useless sites, from food addiction and so on. Getting rid of all useless addictions is cleaning up our mind.

If we do this, then we will have a lot of time for study, for education, for something useful. I think that if we watch something about addiction and read something about addiction and write, then it will be easy for us to quit addiction.

1. Internet addiction is a form of distraction and escape.

2. Gamers live in this fantasy world to escape the problems

3. If we sometimes live without Internet it helps us concentrate more

4. We need to find replacement for our addiction, something beneficial that helps us. We look at something with the same end result feeling as the gaming addiction, something that gives you the same satisfaction.

5. You mind will not know the difference, only you.

6. And lastly, you have to lessen the Internet use. It can wait. Make a schedule for yourself when you take time away from the Internet.


Quote from book called Adam Alter "Irresistible"

1. "Americans donated less than 2 percent of their income to charitable causes".

2. "Almost everyone wants to change at least one behavior".

3. "We’re hooked on our phones and email and video games and TV and work and shopping and exercise and a long list of other experiences that exist on the back of rapid technological growth and sophisticated product design".

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I did not play yesterday, I did not visit useless sites. I did not watch TV, did not watch porn, did not watch football, did not read news about football and so on.

Yesterday I wrote a neural network using the programming language Python, which is an intelligence trainer for my cat.

It's amazing what tasks neural networks can do today.

What is passion for something? If you go to bed and the last thing you do is your hobby. If you wake up and the first thing you do is your hobby.

I was down yesterday and the last thing I did was programming. Today I woke up and the first thing I did was programming.

Obviously, I have some passion for programming neural networks. It's not that big, but this passion is not no less than passion for video games and useless sites.

So I think it's very important to find a replacement for bad addiction. We need to find an interesting and useful substitute. We need to find a hobby that can later become an interesting work.

Why are neural networks so beautiful? Because they can solve problems that people can solve. Neural networks today are the most powerful tool in programming. Neural networks can drive an car (Tesla), beat the world champion chess (AlphaZero), win in complex games (Go), etc.

My goal today is not to play, not to visit useless sites, not to watch TV and so on. My second goal is to look at something about addiction and read something about addiction.


1. Some nutritionists consider sugar to be even more dangerous than fat

2. You will overcome a serious addiction

3. Your breath will be better

4. So lowering sugar intake result in weakening asthma symptoms

5. You will increase your brain power

6. You will be less likely to have alzheimers' disease

7. Your skin will look younger

8. Your heart will be better

9. You will have less cholesterol



Update (from book Adam Alter "Irresistable"):

"Epilogue this book


This is certainly true of behavioral addiction, which seems to have reached a peak. A decade ago, who could have imagined that Facebook would attract 1.5 billion users, many of whom say they wished they spent less time on the site? Or that millions of Instagram users would spend hours uploading and liking the sixty million new photos the app hosts every day?


So what’s the solution [? We can’t abandon technology, nor should we. Some technological advances fuel behavioral addiction, but they are also miraculous and life enriching. And with careful engineering they don’t need to be addictive. It’s possible to create a product or experience that is indispensable but not addictive. Workplaces, for example, can shut down at six—and with them work email accounts can be disabled between midnight and five the next morning. Games, like books with chapters, can be built with natural stopping points. Social media platforms can “demetricate,” removing the numerical feedback that makes them vehicles for damaging social comparison and chronic goal-setting. Children can be introduced to screens slowly and with supervision, rather than all at once. Our attitude to addictive experiences is largely cultural, and if our culture makes space for work-free, game-free, screen-free downtime, we and our children will find it easier to resist the lure of behavioral addiction. In its place, we’ll communicate with one another directly, rather than through devices, and the glow of these social bonds will leave us richer and happier than the glow of screens ever could".

I have read this book. Nice!!!

I will find new book about addiction.

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I finished to read  the book yesterday ("Irresistible" by Adam Alter). What is the main idea of this book?

1. Before, people used cocaine. Freud recommended the use of cocaine. But then people realized that cocaine was evil and banned it. Today, just as everyone is sitting on useless websites, on gaming sites. People do not understand that this is bad. But in the future, perhaps, people realize this and much will change.
2. The environment plays a huge role. The book tells about the American soldiers in Vietnam. 100 thousand soldiers became addicted to heroin. But when they returned to the US, only a few continued to use this drug. In Vietnam, American soldiers were unhappy. But in the USA they became happy or less unhappy. And they stopped using drugs.
3. Experiments with rats. Unfortunate rats used drugs much more than happy. Therefore, it is important to look for a substitute for a drug in the form of an interesting hobby or interesting work to become more happy. If a person is unhappy, then he will find any addiction. Need to find interesting replacement, for example, real sport (football, walking, traveling, etc.) or interesting work.
4. Addiction on useless Internet sites and games is very common today. Willpower will not help get rid of this addiction. It is necessary to seek a useful substitute.
5. It is important to change the environment, because the environment plays a huge role. Examples with monkeys from the book. Bad environment (cage) - the monkey became dependent. A good environment - the monkey has become healthy. It's the same monkey. The only difference is  the environment.
6. We can not get rid of modern technologies today, but it is important to learn how to use them correctly.
7. It is important to use sites that do not cause addiction.

8. TV also is an addiction today. It's waste our time thing.

It is also interesting to read a review of this book by Guardian.


"Half the developed world is addicted to something, and Alter, a professor at New York University, informs us that, increasingly, that something isn’t drugs or alcohol, but behaviour. Recent studies suggest the most compulsive behaviour we engage in has to do with cyber connectivity; 40% of us have some sort of internet-based addiction – whether it’s checking your email (on average workers check it 36 times an hour), mindlessly scrolling through other people’s breakfasts on Instagram or gambling online".

"Facebook was fun three years ago, Alter warns. Now it’s addictive. This tech zombie epidemic is not entirely our fault. Technology is designed to hook us, and to keep us locked in a refresh/reload cycle so that we don’t miss any news, cat memes or status updates from our friends. Tristan Harris, a “design ethicist” (whatever that is) tells the author that it’s not a question of willpower when “there are a thousand people on the other side of the screen whose job it is to break down the self-regulation you have”. After all, Steve Jobs gave the world the iPad, but made very sure his kids never got near one. Brain patterns of heroin users just after a hit and World of Warcraft addicts starting up a new game are nearly identical. The tech innovators behind our favourite products and apps understood that they were offering us endless portals to addiction. We’re the only ones late to the party".



National Geographic 2018 | The Effects Of Internet Addiction | BBC Documentary 2018

1. We have an inbuilt need to connect with others to communicate and share our stories to create community.

2. 1969 is a year then Internet began, two host computers were going to talk to each other.

3. The first message ever on the internet was low

4. by the end of 1969 there were just a few computers connected to the APRANET

5. In the 1970 there was no single global Internet as we know it today



Update (quote from book called "Digital Addiction" by Lora Ziebro):

1. Anyone who has ever met, loved or known a person with an addiction can easily understand how destructive some addictions are.

2. What is Digital addiction? Digital addiction (DA) is simply an addiction to electronics and digital media. It deals with everything from television to texting.

3. If we are not careful, we can easily spend most of our waking hours sitting in front of a television, computer, smartphone or other device, or gaming.

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I did not play yesterday, I did not visit useless sites. My goal for today is not to play, not to visit useless sites, not to watch TV, not to eat sugar. My second goal is to look at something about addiction, read something about addiction.

Yesterday I went to the inspector (works in the government of my city). He started the case, violators in the park will be fined. It's great.

I also offered to help the inspector.

We agreed that next week the inspector will come to the park, and together we will patrol the park, and the inspector will write out the fines. It's great. I can help the park not only with the help of my letters, but also with the help of my work.

But it's also dangerous. The inspector said that sometimes such people can be attacked. So here I have an interesting hobby. Maybe one day I'll get a finger under my eye or something like that, because people who burn fires and throw garbage in the park will be unhappy when the inspector (works in the government of my city) starts to write out fines.


1. If we want overcome addiction we need to understand addiction.

2. How to recognize the addiction? If you stop doing the behavior that you suspect that you're addicted to. If you stop doing it for one week and cravings arise then that means that you're addicted.

3. These days in modern society almost everyone is an addict.

4. Most of us have not one or two addictions but at least half a dozen if not a dozen.


Update (quote from book called Digital Addiction by Lora Ziebro):

"Unlike going home from your friend’s house and spending the rest of the time with your family where the parent-child relationship can be built, social media keeps children and parents largely separate even though they are in the home at the same time. There is no “going home from your friend’s house,” there is only the constantly available digital gathering place".

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I did not play games yesterday, I did not visit any useless site, I did not watch TV, but I ate sugar. I forgot that I should not eat anything harmful sweet.

My goal for today is not to play games, not to visit any useless site, not to watch TV, not to eat harmful sweets.

I have a problem with harmful sweets. So it would be nice to look at something about addiction and read something about addiction.

A year ago I watched a video of a professional doctor who treats alcohol dependence. He said that there is an absolute way to get rid of addiction to alcohol. It is necessary to do the following:

1. Change the external environment
2. Keep a diary of self-analysis, analyze mistakes
3. Regularly read the special literature on addiction.

I started eating sweet yesterday. My mistake is I forgot about my goal not to eat harmful sweet. Today I will try not to eat any harmful sweet foods.



1. Its' fear of the void the existential void inside.

2. You realize that you will be dead within the next 20 30 50 years at most.

3.You have to do is you just have to surrender yourself to the purifying fire of emptiness

4. You need sit hour after hour after hour doing nothing that purifying fire will burn out all your inner demons and that's how you conquer every addiction,

5. You have really faced the inner demons

6. Some people think that doing absolutely nothing is simple and not laborious at all but sitting and doing nothing is like torture for addicted people.

7. most addicts they just want a quick fix solution they don't want to face their emotional labor. Top three techniques for addicts:

-- number one is the do-nothing techique

-- number two is mindfulness meditation

-- number three is strong determination sitting

8. Also you can ask yourself "okey what's going to happen when I'm dead".


Update(Lora Ziebo "Digital Addiction"):

“The correlation between Internet addiction and self-injury was very high; Internet addicts were about 2.5 times more likely to have engaged in at least some form of self-injury in the past six months.”

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