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My Goal is to Write Every Day to this Journal


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I did not play yesterday, did not watch TV, did not visit useless sites, did not watch porn. I did not eat any harmful food with sugar except yogurt. But I decided not to eat yoghurts either.

I have three addiction.

1. The game addiction
2. Internet addiction
3. Dependence on sugar.

Therefore, if I can get rid of the three dependencies, I will become free of addiction.

I decided not to eat ice cream, jam, condensed milk, candy, cake, cakes, yoghurts, pie, chocolate.

Today sugar is added to many foods. I will not give up sugar completely. I will eat foods with added sugar, but I will just give up the most harmful sugar products (ice cream, jam, condensed milk, candy, cake, cakes, yoghurts, pie, chocolate and so on).

I'm not fat. I have the right weight. I am thin. But I'm just interested in defeating sugar dependence. I want to become completely free from harmful addictions.

I want to be stronger than harmful addictions. I want to be completely free.




1. We also have soft addictions or emotional addictions

2. Soft addictions are things that you wouldn't even ever consider as an addiction for example criticism or judgment

3. You need just sit and do absolutely nothing and be just as satisfied as you are when you're stuffing yourself with food or when you're shopping or when you playing in video games.

4. Internal wealth is how happy you can be doing nothing.


Update (quote from book called Digital Addiction by Lora Ziebro ):

1. "Twenty-one percent of teen social media users report feeling worse about their own life because of what they see from other friends on social media".

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I did not eat bad food with sugar yesterday, I did not play in video games, did not visit useless websites, did not watch TV, etc. It's nice.

We can see that this daily diary works very well. Also we can see that if watch something every day about addiction and read every day about addiction we can see also improving in this area.

I think that formula for success with addiction is to write, read, watch something every day. If we will find new information about something every day 1 hour we will become experts in this subject. We need 1 year to become little expert, 3 year to become expert ( level our city) and 5 years to become big expert (level country).

So we need to learn something about addiction every day and it will give us a big advantage.We will able to kill our bad addictions more easy for us.


Update: How to kill your sugar addiction naturally

1. There are three things you must add into your diet. You need more healthy fat, protein and fiber.And those three things will help balance out those blood sugar levels. This help us overcome sugar cravings.

2. Some of the best foods in terms of protein are going to be protein sources like organic grass fed beef, wild chicken and turkey, free range eggs. Even fermented dairy products, row cheeses, eggs.

3. Getting more protein in your diet is a great way to balance out those blood sugar.

4. The next thing, healthy fats. Doing more nuts and seeds like sprouted chia and flax seeds are amazing. Almonds are a great source of fat, coconut oil, avocados, ghee or clarified butter. Getting more healthy fat is crucial to balancing out those blood sugar levels.

5. And last but not least, getting more fiber. Best sources of fiber are going to be from vegetables, nut and seeds, as well as berries. 

6. If you want to overcome sugar and food cravings, you've got the sugar and grains out of your diet. The more sugar you eat, the more your body starts to crave it.

7. You can slowly wearn yourself off the sugar, and then find some healthy replacements that help satisfy the sweet craving.


Update (quote from book called Digital Addiction by Lora Ziebro ):

"Tao Ran, a psychiatrist and colonel in the People’s Liberation Army stated ‘Internet addiction leads to problems in the brain similar to those derived from heroin consumption, but, generally, it is even more damaging".

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I decide to start learning English. I will use "Duolingo!". It's one of the most popular application for learning English. It's free. It's easy to use. You can learn only 10 minuts every day. The most important thing is you can develop good habit. 

I mean it's not easy to learn English every day 1 hour or something like that. But if I will learn English every day 10 minute I will have good habit. Later I can learn English more time every day. So Duolingo! develop good habit. 

I did not eat bad sugar products yesterday, I did not play in video games, I did not watch TV, I did not visit any useless page in Internet website. I like it. I see that this diary works very well.

Also I have found project by Google called Google Colaboratory. Google gives free accelerator for everyone that want use neural networks. So I will have the free accelerator in Google's cloud. It's nice because neural network needs very good hardware. It's also nice because we can start our programs in Google's cloud. Need to tell thank you to Google.


1. Update: How to Kill Your Sugar Addiction Naturally

1. We can add some organic stevia powder or stevia leaf into our diet and doing that with tea.

2. Step number three is taking the right supplements that will help balance out blood sugar levels. There is a trace mineral called chromium which is incredible especially if you are diabetic. But taking 200 micrograms of chromium picolinate three times a day can really help.

3. You may consider doing is going online and find high quality chromium supplement and actually taking that with your meal three times a day can help balance out blood sugar levels, reduce sugar cravings.

4. Taking a high quality B-complex vitamin can help you overcome sugar cravings especiallu vitamin B12 nad vitamin B6.

5. The third would be a probiotic supplement.

6. At last but not least, start doing the right type of exercise.Barre classes or youga or Pilates can actually help stabilize blood sugar and it wont's cause  you to crave as many carbohydtates.But ideally, you would do weight training or burst training, which is interval cardio, but stop doing long distance or cardio like running or triathalons or things like that.


Update (quote from book called Digital Addiction by Lora Ziebro ):

“Email is the biggest time consumer, researchers found. Respondents said they spend nearly eight hours a week checking emails.”


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I decide to start make a morning exercise every day but only 10 minutes every day. The most important thing is do something useful every day. I mean I can make the morning exercise every day 1 hour but it will be hard for me and I will stop do it.

If we want to do something we need to do it every day a little time. Later we can do it more time.

Error of most people is they try to do something useful a lot of time and it's hard for them and they stop do it soon. Today I make the morning exercise only 10 minutes. It was very easy for me. I have some fun. So it will be more easy for me do it every day.


Update: How to overcome video game addiction forever:

1. Only if we know what the real roof of the problems is , we will know how we can STOP addiction.

2. An addiction comes down to fear, fear for feeling what we would feel , without any distraction from gaming.

3. Fear is just the resistance that we would fail in getting our next distraction or that one of our created distractions will disappear or will be taken away from us.


Update (quote from book called Digital Addiction by Lora Ziebro ):

In a 2007 study conducted by Harris Interactive of 1,178 U.S. children and teens (ages 8 to 18) it was found that nearly 23% of youth report that they feel “addicted to video games” (31% of males, 13% of females.)

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