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Hello everyone !

It is the first time in my entire life that I find myself on a forum which is not dedicated to playing, but to quitting video games.

Let me introduce myself : my name is Théo, I'm a 20 years old french dude living in Switzerland since 7 years. I played video games since I was a kid (nintendo games first), but really got into PC gaming (and addiction) at the age of 12.

I'm starting the 90 days detox tomorrow because I finally decided to quit gaming once and for all, thanks to my parents who helped me realize (even thought I was subconsciously aware of it) how much gaming took away from my life : I've had the chance to travel a lot, learn 4 languages, be good at sports, music, etc ... But video games were always in the way, and over the years, started obliterating everything I wanted in my life.

I had that feeling of being this "uncommon geek" because of the tools I acquired at a young age, so even in gaming communities, I always felt different than others. In real life, I had no gamer friends, because I didn't really assume being one, so they didn't even really know that part of me. They only knew the sportive and the musician, but they had no clue about my true identity.

All those reasons brought me to the conclusion that this detox would be the beginning of a new life for me, and I couldn't be more motivated to finally live my life to the fullest, and start being the man I've always wanted to be.

Thanks for reading,

Theo G

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What an inspiring story, realized I was in a pretty much similar situation when I quit, having learned 4 languages, been a musician for some years, doing a lot of sports etc. but the gaming was still there to affect me and it stood in the way of my goals. It's nice that you realized the problem at the right time. I wish you luck with your journey and am hoping to hear more about it!

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