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  1. Hey man, thanks for wondering! Yeah everything fine, I stopped updating the journal because I went on a trip to become a kitesurf instructor, and because I knew that I was totally out of video games. Which, 7 months after, is still the case. No relapses even if it was close in July before holidays, now studying behavioural and social sciences in a really good university in Spain. Everything is going amazingly well since I got rid of the addiction, working on creating a YouTube channel pretty soon to relate my story and find the words that could free people from their addiction. Thanks for the help this forum has offered!
  2. #Day 25 : Worked a lot today : I trained for my video assessment during the morning, ate lunch, went to the gym afterwards and finally attended to a "CV tips and tricks" meetup in Zürich. Was really enriching, I've finished the day by networking and investing time in Social Medias.
  3. #Day 24 : Got up pretty early and managed to work and learn things efficiently this morning. However, I realise that I often start losing focus after my first meal of the day, which is lunch. I'll definitely try to work on that. I watched a new episode from the TV show the 100, changed my room and desktop setup, and finally went to the gym for a leg session.
  4. #Day 23 : I finally received my new Macbook pro which is definitely going to be a really useful tool for both my future studies and my personal projects. I plan on starting a YouTube channel pretty soon to relate my story and how the journey is going so far. Today was an arm workout, seeing huge progress on this specific body parts. I also started working for 3 videos that I'm gonna have to record and send for my school in Madrid. I'll basically have to answer 3 specific questions in 1 minute videos, with only 45 seconds to prepare for each one. I should be having the results of my admission test in two weeks maximum. Also had a drink with a good friend of mine who's got an internship in Zürich, felt good seeing her as she knows everything about my situation and is really motivating.
  5. #Day 22 : Pretty calm day, I worked but felt a bit lazy today. Went to the gym and stayed home for the rest of the day, which was rainy as hell.
  6. Yeah I see, just try different things and see what suits you the best !
  7. #Day 21 : What a fantastic day ! I worked a lot on my story, and on my social medias : I'm now officially an Ambassador for GoneRogue, a fitness and fashion clothing brand. That already feels like a huge personal accomplishment, seeing that telling my story can inspire others and get me where I want to be is an amazing feeling. I also took the decision to announce on my former Instagram account (where I posted random pictures of my old life, no gym or game posts) that I would now only be using the new one, where I recognize that I was a video game addict. That was definitely not an easy step, because it basically means that all my friends and people I know will now know my story, and why I was never really myself. But I'm really proud of doing so : one of my main goals is to care less and less about others negative judgements and opinions, and only focus on the positive people around me. But to my biggest surprise, I only received encouragements from people that I didn't see for a long time, and many who want to follow my journey. It is the first time in years that I feel proud of what I am slowly starting/creating. And of who I am becoming. Other than that listened to some really interesting podcasts when I had some free time (Something you should know", and went to the gym as always. That being said, I'm so impatient to start this 4th week without video games : my main goals are going to be, once again, to increase my productivity, and to focus on writing what my purpose in life is (I slowly becoming conscious of it), and developing my social medias around it.
  8. Hey mate thank you, yeah it's going pretty smooth so far :) ! Well basically you have two options : training while being fasted, which often means training in the morning if you have a common fasting cycle (I fast from 9pm to 1pm), or training during your eating period. I used to train in the morning, because there are many benefits from a neurological and metabolic perspectives. However, you have less energy than if you trained after eating, so I'm gonna be trying to workout after my first meal for the next few weeks and see how it goes. Also, train when you feel you're the more "in the zone" and focused, just the fact of believing that it is the good moment will have a positive impact on your training itself.
  9. #Day 20 : Woke up very early once again to take the plane back to Zürich in the morning. I allowed myself to rest today because I didn't sleep a lot for the last 2 nights. Still managed to go to the gym, and I accepted an offer to become an Ambassador for a fitness and fashion clothing brand (GoneRogue). I'm really happy about it because it shows that my story and my mindset since I quit video games, that I post daily on my Instagram page (Theo GDLP), can have positive effects. Fitness and fashion are two domains that interest me, so I'm happy to take a step in that direction to see from a little bit closer how things work in this industry. Gaming wise, still pretty easy, didn't think once of gaming or watching videos, hope it'll stay this way !
  10. #Day 19 : Woke up in the night to take my flight for Madrid. Spent the whole day there, to pass an admission test and visit the school that I am trying to join (IE, Bachelor in Behavioral science). Also visited a little bit the city, and met an old flatmate from Lausanne when I was in a polytechnical school. The presentation and visit of IE confirmed my thoughts about the school : the educational system is really novative, and my overall impression was excellent.
  11. #Day 18 : Such an exhausting day, I had to prepare everything because I'm leaving for Madrid tomorrow. I ate in an amazing Australian restaurant with a friend for lunch, I got my gym session in and I read a lot. I have to wake up at 5 am, so it's gonna be tough.
  12. #Day 17 : Felt a little bit tired today, I sent my laptop so I'm not going to have a PC during a few days. Still managed to get my workout done, and finished by watching both an episode of the 100 and Thor Ragnarok tonight. I'm going to Madrid on Friday to pass my admission test, I'm really impatient to be there and to see what the school looks like.
  13. #Day 16 : Today was such an amazing day ! I worked efficiently on my application form (which is now finished) for my school, I had a call with an old roommate who actually studied in this school. I sold my laptop (Asus ROG STRIX, where it is written Republic of Gamers, not ideal to totally forget video games) for a good price and am planning to buy a Macbook really soon to replace it. Had an awesome gym workout. I hope tomorrow will be even better !
  14. #Day 15 : Got up early today and had an intense work day. I went to the gym, played some music, caught up with friends on the phone and overall didn't see the time passing. I signed up for 2 meetups in Zürich : one about how to develop my personal brand Wednesday, and one about a new Microsoft software that incorporates block chain technology on the 23rd of May. Both in English. I validated the first step (online test, got 87%, needed 70+) for my Kite surf instructor formation that'll be starting in Tarifa on the 11th of June. Also booked my flight and hotel for Madrid, where I'll be passing my admission test for IE school (Behavior Science) this Friday. I'll start preparing for it tomorrow, even though it is a "logic" test, I'll still try to optimize my chances.
  15. #Day 14 : 2 weeks : done ! Worked once again on my application form for my schools (takes time), and played a lot of music tonight. Motivated to start this third week, still didn't have a single craving/thought about gaming once. Pretty happy with how the journey is going so far !