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Gamers are terrible social outcasts.  This is mostly because when people call us to find out how we're doing we just want to get back to the screen.  So we are short with them and decline invitations.

Fast forward a decade and there is maybe one or two friends who stuck with us, and they at most call or text once a week because we are never available.

A lot of this kind of behavior leads to a lowering of our social skills.  These skills are only learned by getting out there and making mistakes, laughing at ourselves and moving on.  It's not uncommon to see people in their 40's with a teenage level of social acumen.  WE WILL BE LIKE THAT AT FIRST TOO.  People will cringe at us, laugh at us, or stare at us like space aliens.  Don't withdraw, just laugh with it and roll on.  Learn what polite people do, value and say. 

To this end, I'd like to suggest this:  reconnect with someone today.  Mom, Dad, an old friend.  Just call them up and reconnect.  Set a time to get together in person.

I did this with my Dad, who lives about 90 minutes from me.  I took him out to Strings (Italian Cafe).  He had never been there before.  We had a great time.  It was so very worth it.

There was another time I took my nephew out to a movie just for fun and I'm so glad I did.  About 4 years later he was killed in a skateboarding accident (wear those helmets, kids).  

Anyhow.  Even if you have a screamy Mom and a tyrant Dad, there will come a time when you're glad you have reconnected with them.

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