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90-day detox


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So I've finally made myself quit video-games (or at least try to). I began with uninstalling all of the games I had on my PC, then I set it up for only homework and internet browsing. Then I got rid of all the games on my phone. Usually, these prevent me from focusing in class, so I shouldn't have to worry about that anymore. I've thought of a couple activities to keep myself busy during my free time. These activities consist of reading, learning another language, watching tv, studying, exercising, and cleaning my room.

Today will mark day one of my 90-day detox. It wasn't that hard and I had a LOT of cleaning to keep me busy. But I feel like the cravings will come soon and strong in the next couple of days. I have a 5 day weekend next week starting Wednesday, and I feel that will be one of the hardest obstacles in the 90 days.

I will keep updating every day or two of my journey.

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