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Introduction & Rules *Updated*

Regular Robert

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Fellow quitters,

so in short: This sub forum is designed to serve as a space where you people can ask questions and of course give answers to other quitters. In the long run, this shall be an archive of frequently asked questions and thus, become a compendium of valuable information to anybody who just started to think about quitting games, is going through the detox or already lives a life beyond the detox. However, your questions are not bound to the detox. If you simply want opinions regarding an idea you had, you can post your question as well, of course.

If you have a question that you would like to post, simply open a new thread in this sub forum.

I would like to suggest, that when you open a new thread, state a short and precise title in the title box. Do not use abstract or funny titles. E.g.: If you want to ask about whether fellow quitters have been bullied in school and you would like to get information on how to handle this type of situation, your title might as well look like this: "Bullying at school" or "How to deal with bullying at school?" - This way, the rest of the community already has an idea what your question will be about and can than decide if that is a question they could answer.

Also, it would be beneficial if you could use a tag in front of your title. I will try to keep the list as short as possible, so some tags will be a rather generous summary of different topics. You can choose a tag from the following list, with the explanations stated:

[GENERAL] - Anything you can think of that doesn't fit into one of the other areas.
[DETOX] - Anything that has to do with the detox.
[ACTIVITIES] - Need suggestions regarding taking action, finding hobbies or what to do while brushing your teeth? This is the tag.
[SOCIAL] - Including relationships, friendship, social anxieties and so on.
[CAREER] - Questions regarding careers, including opportunities, start-ups and so on.
[HEALTH] - Physical, mental and emotional health.

Your title might than look like this: "[SOCIAL] How to deal with bullying?" If you do not know which tag to use, simply use none at all. A moderator can later edit a tag into your title line.

Last but not least, don't take these rules too seriously. This is rather a guide to keep the subarea clean and tidy. You cannot screw up, there is no "wrong" when asking a question. If you feel pressured by this guide, simply ask your question the way you would like to ask it.

This is it. I hope you guys will ask tons of questions and get a dozen answers per thread. :)



P.S.: If you think I forgot a tag or you think you have a nice addition, simply post it here.


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