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At a crossroads

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Hello everyone,

This is my first time on the game quitters forum. By way of introduction, I am a teenager getting ready to go to high school. I have been gaming since elementary school (4th grade). Gaming never really was a problem for me- only an hour a week before last summer! Recently, however, things have changed. I am constantly thinking about gaming and I estimate my hours per week to have jumped to around 5-7 (yikes!). I have not gotten to the point where things are getting really bad, but I fear they could. I game on a PC so sometimes when I procrastinate I game- not good. I know I have a lot of potential (I’m in top classes and in honors math) but I keep gaming even though I feel guilty. I’ve watched several of Cam’s videos and have found them inspiring to start trying to quit. I’ve deleted every mobile game and some of the ones on my computer. However, I am worried. I don’t think I might be able to go completely without gaming. I am thinking about restricting myself once a week, like how I used to game but would that not work out? The reason why I started looking into this in the first place was because I was starting not have as much fun gaming (though I still love it).

Help and feedback would be highly appreciated.

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Welcome @AtTheBrink!

I think that's great self-awareness, especially at your age, that you realize that your amount of gaming has increased, and they are becoming less fun.  It sounds like you're a bit on the fence about whether or not you should fully commit to giving up gaming for a period of time.  Just my personal opinion, but I think you should do what many of use here try for -- fully commit to 90 days of "detox".  This will give you some time for your brain to detox and develop some new hobbies/connections/habits.  After you've completed 90 days, you can re-evaluate, and if you don't feel there's much risk or negative effects to your gaming, go for it

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