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Is NoFap a necessary component of being a successful Game Quitter?


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I see quite a lot of overlap between the Game Quitters community and the NoFap community. It makes sense, both communities are centered around abstinence from activities that are quite common. I've tried the NoFap thing a bit, but I don't really buy into a lot of the ideas that community espouses.  Go on the subreddit and you will people claiming they've acquired superpowers or celebrating simply being looked at by a female. And it seems like a large portion of them do it thinking that if they stop masturbating, girls will swarm towards them?  I wouldn't down somebody for doing NoFap. I'm not saying there isn't any benefits to doing it. I just don't think that NoFap is a necessary thing for everyone and I'm off-put by the cult-like nature of their subreddit.

What do you guys think? Any Game Quitters that don't buy into NoFap? Any that want to defend it? I want discussion, not anybody attacking anybody. And if you're going to make scientific claims, please be prepared to back them up.


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Edit: Just noticed this is a loong dead thread.

Well, I've been on my gradual NoFap journey for a while now. For two months I've been masturbating only once a week (down from a couple of times a day). Then i did a couple of rounds of masturbating only once every 14 days, and now I'm trying to go for the full month of NoFap.

I am not a part of Nofap community so I don't know about all the ideas they are spreading around. Some of those are obvious wishful thinking. You will not get a woman to drool over you simply by retaining semen. Do you have any important skills? Do you have money? Self-confidence? Influence? Are you good looking? Or funny? If you have none of these, semen retention will not get you far on its own.

I'll defend Nofap from my personal experience with it. Masturbation wastes a lot of my time and my energy. Also, it basically disables a potential drive to improve myself to get a real woman, because masturbation (especially with porn) is just a more convenient enterprise for someone who struggles with anxiety. 

Every time I ejaculate I feel depleted and I go take a nap. After that I feel lonely, and pretty damn soon I have another urge to masturbate. I defend "Nofap", because "Fap" is useless, wasteful, childlike and, yes, pathetic. I'm a 27 y.o. man, I shouldn't be a pathetic masturbator. 

For me, NoFap means stop pretending, stop imagining that you are with someone. Build yourself up and get with someone.

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I am a member if both communities, simply because (for me at least) the two are self reinforcing behaviors. They create a vicious cycle that destroys my life. It is just tough to approach them at the same time. It is like, which came first, the chicken or egg...

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On 2/27/2018 at 8:57 PM, RNava98 said:

I've tried the NoFap thing a bit, but I don't really buy into a lot of the ideas that community espouses.

As an active member of the NoFap community, I would encourage you to look beyond the cult-like behavior that some people display.  There is a lot of pseudo-science and misogyny, but it is not endorsed by the creators of the NoFap movement.  No official page created by the NoFap organization will ever claim that it gives any kind of super powers, etc.  But it is a valuable self-improvement tool for many people, myself included.  I will attest that after quitting porn and masturbation for 2 months, quitting games was incredibly easy.  And I have been a gaming addict for much longer than I've been a PMO addict.

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