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Changing my life

Moe Lester

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I am new on the forum. My name is Chris and i started the 90 day detox a week ago.

I have been gaming my whole life. All my friends are and have been gamers. It was and kinda still is a part of my identity.

I have been having some mental issues for a while now (depression, anxiety, paranoia). I have never taken them seriously. Never went to a specialist, because a shrink can’t help me ( in my personal opinion). I was (and still am) low motivated, apathetic, and all round on the low. I realised it was all due to my gaming addiction. 

The last sunday was a breaking point in my life. I spent the whole day in bed, did not eat or drink anything ( i did not want to), did not bother to shower. My family was worried, and honestly it opened my eyes. I was hurting my family and myself. (To be honest which i have been doing for the past few years, i was just too stubborn to admit that i had a problem) So i wanted to change. That is how i found Gamequitters and the 90 day detox program.

A week has past. 0 gaming. But i am still feeling depressed and low motivated. 

My question to you is: What is your story? Where should i begin, what should i do? How do i get over this nightmare? I have been blind for many years ( i am 21 at the moment) but now my eyes are open, and my mind,yet still poisoned, is beggining to be clear. I really want to change my life, and i want to live to my full pottential. So please, i would like to hear tips and ideas from people who are or have been trough a similar struggle.

I am sorry for my grammar, spelling mistakes and punctuation. English is not my first language.

Thank you


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10 minutes ago, Cam Adair said:

Consider trying it. It might help, it might not, but experiencing it allows you to make that decision in a different way. And if it helps - it all adds up. :)

I have been considering it for a while now.  Was not just quite sure. Thank’s for the advice :)

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I couldn't help but notice the poetic nature of some of your words, despite English not being your first language? Have you considered creative writing as an outlet for your emotions? Good luck on your journey! Xx

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