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Bing Xuan

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Hi, I'm Bing Xuan from Singapore, 20 this year. My first thought of quitting games was back in 2013, when I felt that it was affecting my studies. I used to play around 2 hours as my parents restricted the amount of time I could use the computer for gaming. I never found any meaning in studying as it feels repetitive and boring, and you had to memorise content learned in school and practise with your homework to score well. So gaming gave me a sense of achievement, I could not get from scoring in exams/tests. I was the quiet guy in school, who only had a handful of friends to interact with daily at school. I often felt left out, watching the other students play around. It didn't help that I was bad at engaging conversations, where it usually ends up kinda awkward.

Enter 2015, I joined a tertiary institution where I had to choose a course, out of the few hundred. Each course had a different curriculum to prepare the student for the industry/sector. The way of learning was different from secondary school, where the teachers would help you out if in doubt. I had more time to spend at home as the lessons ended earlier and wasn't fixed like secondary school where it was 7:30AM - 2:00PM. My parents were not as strict as before, so I increased my average play time to 3-5 hours.

I think I'm going off topic. In pursuit of improving my quality of life, I decided to quit gaming in 2014. I managed a few days to not play before giving in, as I was playing in moderation and thought that it's ok. I am going to try again, this time with a plan where I get new hobbies, and try to interact with more people, to improve my conversational skills. I stopped playing on the 20/02/18, so today's the second day.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day ahead.

Bing Xuan.

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