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Heya my name is Taha from New Zealand. I've been addicted to Video games for a long time and have only recently realized the damage they have caused and missed opportunities given by way of.

I look at my folks who have taken care of me in their aching bones and realize, they can only do so much. Eventually they will be unable to take care of me and pass away. I need to do this for myself,to be self-reliant and to grow into a healthier person.

I'm quite tired of being a helpless victim and gaming allowed me to stay in that mentality, physically and mentally setting the boundaries of where I could be great and couldn't. 

I'm giving away my steam account to my sister so I won't be able to log on to it anymore. I kind of want to delete the account altogether, feeling like gaming is a monstrous creation of our times.  But she's a more moderate type that than can enjoy things without getting full-blown addicted - o what a blessing I am envious of.

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