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Have you developed a personal or professional project since you quit gaming and want to promote it? POST IT HERE, and only here. We're specially looking forward to hear about anything that could further help others in their recovery. You can also share the story about how did you came up with your initiative to inspire members to take the plunge as well. 



Promotion of video games, gaming clans, gaming related content...

Illegal stuff (obviously), or anything that goes against Rule #1. Let's keep it civic and inclusive, people.

Pitching, or obvious copypasta. It must be genuine or it will be considered spam, both by readers and the mod team.

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From @AcupunctureFTW:


Hey GameQuitters! I am a recovering World of Warcraft addict studying Internet Gaming Disorder for my doctorate. Right now I have a pro bono acupuncture program for any volunteers in the SF Bay Area. Free acupuncture! 

All you have to do is show up and be interested in working on quitting. Accepting all ages. 

PM of post here with your interest. I would love to meet you!

Check out the article I wrote for GQ's here: https://gamequitters.com/can-acupuncture-help-video-game-addiction-recovery/

And my website here: http://www.limbicacupuncture.com


Good luck with your journey! We are all in this together.

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Hi everyone,

I was thinking about this now for a while and I guess it is time to just do it.

I am offering my skills and knowledge to help you guys.

What does that mean?

- I can help you with securing your website/server (unless it is a hosted solution such as squarespace, you would need to trust them).
- I can help you with choosing the right solution for you (Managed hosting? Virtual Private Server (VPS)? Dedicated Server?).
- I can give you tips for making your "surfing the web" more secure.
- Infected PC? Sure thing, hit me up. I can do malware/network analysis and can clean (most of) the malware/trojans/adware/whatever.
- Feeling unsafe at all while using your PC? I can do a security-check up.

This is a free service. No costs are involved (but donations are appreciated) and also keep in mind: 

- German timezone (CET)
- Sometimes I might be super busy and can't answer instant (Still have a own business to manage beside my half-time job)

Contact me via:

- Discord: steddecx#4706 (Stablish at GQ Discord)
- At the forum via PM
- E-Mail: stablish@protonmail.com

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