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PureDiscipline's Journal :D


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Welcome back dude, always look forward to your updates. Shift your prioritize and focus on what's most important, you'll turn this around. B|

good to be back, glad to see you've been putting in the work for the community ^_^

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Update: Have not played a game since, been focusing on working with my best results iv ever had, also have gone to Las Vegas for 50 days which is very different from home and freaking hot (it hit 47 degrees Celsius!).

Managed to chew through a few books which have been backlogged on my reading list for a while now such as Why men don't listen and women can't read maps.

Potentially will be going into business now as well (won't mention now but maybe down the line with more progress on the operations!) and also organized a separate holiday to travel around New Zealand once i return home with my lovely Girlfriend. Things are really looking up and iv managed to break the game related stuff once again, this time round it will be more of a case of realizing its not something i can ever dip into and having people game around me is just not something that is gonna lead to a productive life.

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Been a while since iv posted here but low and behold relapsed. This time it was for about id 6 months or so? I noticed it gradually increasing in intensity too until i snapped out of the haze after another 400-500 hours of wasted productivity and weak willpower thanks to the effect gaming has on the brain with a pretty terrible ability to stick to virtually anything i attempt to do. 

Simultaneously my weights hit all time high of 92kg (im probably healthy at 75kg) which iv been struggling with for a while now. After attempting to piece the struggles im having with weight/productivity/nofap/energy levels i finally realized that it was not the lack of exercise causing the weak willpower, it was the gaming and porn that would have lead to the inability to stick to healthy food and just cook properly. Its also taken a toll on my work quality when i don't utilize periods i have to work and study and use it for gaming instead. 

After being GameFree for literally 1 day (uninstalled steam etc) iv already cleared like 4 errands i had been avoiding for about 3 weeks now which feels pretty good. Feeling a lot more positive in outlook on everything once again, and looking forward to posting more consistently in the forums. But if gaming is similar to porn in the gaming effects it seems only logical to this time cold turkey both instead of trying to do 1 thing at a time, if the brain takes time to restructure it might as well be done right. 

Iv decided this time around my new goals are learning to cook (going to be taking classes), Learning coding (using an app called mimo then progressing on to codeacademy), Healthier and excercise (friends and general working out), reading and spending more time with family and friends. 

Round 3?

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