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Since I see more interests in this topic I had a talk with @Cam Adair.

My initial idea was to create a whole new Sub-Forum with a Sub-Domain about IT related stuff, but we need to look first if it's worth and if we can get enough members which are interested in this topic, because creating and setting up a whole new (sub)-Forum might be a waste of time if only a couple of people are (actively) interested, so I am going with the Sub-Category way first.

If more and more people are interested and the topics are growing I might consider creating a Sub-Forum, until then we use this Sub-Category.

Anyways, let me try to explain what you can ask or discuss:

Basically everything about IT, which includes:

- Information Security 
- Windows
    - Basically everything about Windows. Installation, Security & Hardening, Privacy, Servers or just basic help such as driver issues, "Build a PC", sharing your setup, etc.
- Linux
    - Same as Windows.
- Your PC is infected? Get help here. Maybe we have people who know Reverse Engineering and are willing to help (hint: me)
- Want to start a own blog and don't know where and how to start? Ask it here
- Coding & Programming
    - Want to learn it? Which language to learn? Which language is newbie-friendly? Ask it here
    - Need help with a specific code? Ask your questions here. Pro-tip: You can use the code snippet button on the editor to input a code for specific syntax highlighting, such as:

import sys

if len(sys.argv) == 1:
    print "[*] Usage: ./script <ascii>"

first = True
for arg in sys.argv:
    if first:
        first = False
        print arg + ' -> ' + arg.encode('hex')

- Everything else about IT, Security and the Internet. Just drop your question.

That's it so far. I think you get the idea. Writing down every single topic would end in a wall-of-text.

Have fun with the new Sub-Category.


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