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Trying to get a grip on my life


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Hello everyone

20 year old guy here

here is my story

About 8 years ago, my mother showed me this game called oblivion, We played it together and it was a lot of fun, we finished it and then I played it for myself. i also played an other game: RuneScape, I got introduced by a friend and I really liked it ( I still play it to this day). but Oblivion got me addicted, and i played it a lot. I never realized back then the toll this would take in my later years. A few years later i got my own laptop, it was manly for school but I didn't use it for that. this gradually changed into a gaming laptop and I started to play a lot more, and more youtube and more internet, and even before i noticed, i was addicted. and this continued for years, got into other mmorpgs and eventually Overwatch and Osu. things that have changed at home is a lot of frustration from my parents, and disappointments, barely did anything social. I still passed school but I wasn't active doing anything with it. And depression made my addiction worse, (that was my 3rd year of highschool). I've been gaming at least more than 12 hours per day on average. and seeing this now sucks.

I hope I can change my life for the best.


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