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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Intro: Hello from Canada

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Hi Everyone,

My names Sheldon, I have been a gamer since I was little, its always been an escape and a way to dissociate from a less then ideal childhood, though now I am an adult the behaviour is counter productive. Despite my on and off nature, I have in the last few years managed to put work and school first but recently decided to tend to a full time job and full time school, the stress of both is causing me to game like crazy and I am neglecting all my responsiblities. It has always been one game or another at one point in my life from Fifa, SWTOR, Dota 2 to anything else that I could feel the rush of competition, but I realize its just a band-aid for what I am really missing in my life. I have tried quiting so many times and its never lasted more than a few days, but I ready to go all in. I will be deleting my steam account and selling console, here we go. 

I did have one question though, I have probably $600 worth of in game DLC on the steam market, so I am tempted to spend the next week doing that instead of deleting right away, I am quite positive that it won't be an issue because I am sure this proccess will work and I think I will enjoy making some money off my old habits as I have always enjoyed investing. Has any have any feedback about this or have done the same it?

Looking forward to being part of this community and a big shout out to Cam, I love the guide! I am sure I am gonna have up and down days but those who canno't sacrafice anything can change nothing. 



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