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I know it is rather off-topic, but I have this huge problem, and I am too ashamed of talking about it with anyone I know so as not to worry them, and I trust you guys and gals here :)

Since my Dad passed away this February, I have been having a really bad bouts of hypochondria, I constantly think I have the same cancer as the one Daddy died of, I know this is completely unfounded, but these thoughts keep returning, it is very unnerving. I know I should probably visit a psychiatrist, every night I feel as if I was dying, I constantly check for "symptoms" on my body and read countless websites about diseases. I almost lost my job because of this hypochondria, as I was so worried about my putative cancer that I was not concentrating on my work and I made a serious mistake. I am so ashamed of this behaviour. Please help me... I am not often on this forum, since I understood that I never really had any problem with games, but this hypochondria is driving me mad. Please do not tell me to go to the doctor to do some check-ups, since this would be only feeding the hypochondria. Anyway, my GP is my aunt so I am ashamed of telling her about my hypochondric behaviours so that she would not totally lose any shreds of good opinion she may have about me.

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Hi Primmulia,

this sounds serious and it is a great step to open up about it. I would really davice you to talk about it with our aunt. You have no reason to feel ashamed, because you doesn't made a concious decision to feel that way you just do. So get out of the shame spiral and talk with the people who care about you. In my experience this vulnerability leads only to stronger connection. To admit that you have  a problem is hard but very important. You'll see that if you let the shame go solutions will appear.

Best of luck to you I am wishing you the best.

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It's good you said something about it.

I know this forum is not a place. Maybe here you can find some more information: http://www.nerwica.com/

However I can relate to something similar during my neurosis - each time I've felt anything wrong in my body like my heart beating too fast or slight problem with breathing I've felt like I'm gonna die instantly. That's one of the worst feeling I've ever had, so I know it's hard to control. Especially if it is driving you mad.

I believe there is solution and that you'll find it Primmulla.

Thank you :) The website you recommended was particularly useful, after a short browsing I found a 30-day challenge to fight hypochondria, which sounds great, this sort of thing really motivates me. I will try this challenge out and see if it helps. I guess it would be good to visit a psychologist but I cannot find time for it now, I started working full time and I would have to take a day off, since the doctor works during the time I am at work.

Have you suffered from hypochondria? How did you defeat it? Would you like to share your story with me? Write me a PM if it is too personal to share on the forum, maybe in Polish if you express yourself better in this language (though I sometimes find it easier to discuss sensitive matters in English, since a foreign lanuage creates some kind of a "buffer" between me and this very personal stuff). Thanks again :) 

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