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Should I really quit gaming as a 16yo? What could I do instead?


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I am 16 atm and I've been gaming for quite a while. I took an 1 month break for gaming and it felt good to be honest. Now I am back and I dont feel addicted to gaming and I play videogames way less than I used to. And its nice. I play videogames ocasionally now not as much.



The thing is last year when I was addicted I would spend ungodly amounts of time gaming. I would get depressed and cry myself to sleep because I spent so much time gaming. I dont want that to happen again when school starts again and I find myself out of free time. I do like gaming but should I quit it in order to improve my life?



If yes,what are somethings I can do instead of gaming? Gaming keeps me out of boredom

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Hi, yes you should, just forget about gaming, no real esence exists in the gaming world. I have 16 years of gaming on my back, and the more time i spend without games, the more i regret the time i spent gaming. Life without games is so much more exciting, everything is so enjoyable.

To fight boredom start skill mastering. Make a list of stuff that you think would be nice to know how to do, then go out there and try them, and if you like them, practice them. Any skill you want, like klimbing, metal forging, fish keeping, anything you can think of.

Games will never ever give you the same level of satisfaction that real life can. In games you just pretend to do stuff. Stop pretending, and leave the games in the past.

Good luck in whatever path you choose.

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I agree with the post above me. Gaming is fun in the moment, but once you get out of that world you'll get depressed because you have nothing in the real word. This is what I experienced at the beginning, but now that I'm working on improving myself in real life I will never go back to gaming. I'm reading a book currently called ''Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy'' and 1 of the things in it got me really thinking.

1. Life is hard. For you and me and everyone else.

2. Everything you are or ever will be is up to you.

3. You can learn anything you need to learn to become anyone you want to become.

This really puts the power in your own hands. Go out and stop wasting you life in video games. Make this 1 life everything you ever wanted it to be.

* The things I started doing when I stopped gaming was going to the gym and going throug pain and suffering. Everytime I did something I thought I couldn't do like a 5K run and I did it anyways I felt more alive. 
If you want to find out what kind of things you'll like and what your purpose is in the world you got to stop gaming and go out and find it for yourself man.

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Hi @Tigerzitu! Welcome to the forum. 

In the main page (gamequitters.com) we have a PDF list of 60+ hobby ideas you can download for free, check it out. They are divided in 4 main areas, socially engaging, mentally challenging, physically active and relaxing. You'll see some repeated because there are activities that cover several needs for you. It's a draft, but it may give you the spark you need. Ideally, you should keep a balance between those areas, not resting too much or overloading your brain or body, you get the idea. 

About videogames, depends on how you feel. If you notice they are harming you, keeping you from doing other things you like, grades dropping or relationships are being affected, then quitting cold turkey may be the answer for you.

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The amount of time spent playing video games can be used to achieve bigger, better and more fulfilling activities. For example, you could learn or practice things that would actually be useful in real life. When you play video games you are just pretending to be someone else.

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