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Ok, so im here...

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Hello, my name is Damian and im a gamer.... xD

Im 32, been gaming since my first N64 and PC all those years ago. I was always under the impression games helped me stay sane during all those years of beeing bullied at school. Then when i was older, i was lonely and depressed, and games kept mme alive. Now Im starting to feel that my body is aging, and that gaming will not take me farther that it already has. I feel my mind is so full shit i cant seem to give importance to anyhting except my next gameing session. 

I decided to end it. I loved gaming. I almost cried when i was packing my pc to boxes, not because i would never game again, but because of all those fantastic adventures i was part of. All those memories are part of me, and made me who i am, an now im puting that world in a box, and moving on. Its sad.

Its been 2 weeks since that day and I still dont have anything to fill the void. The cravings are becoming stronger, but i can manage, have exeprience quiting other stuff. I cant seem to shake the idea that i will eventually unpack it and dive into that world again, and the excitement i feel with that is.... annoying. :)

I know having a support group helps alot, so here i am.



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