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Hey GQ Community!

Cam and I are currently seeking a Game Quitters community member who has experience on the subject of going off to University or College.

What we are looking for specifically is somebody to be up front and honest about what it was that influenced their decision to attend. If your experience and final decision were based around using post-secondary schooling as an escape to play more video games, we want to hear from you and how this decision may have affected your life.

If you can relate to the above statement and have a story to share, we'd love to have you on the podcast for a brief interview segment to tell your story to the world and help others who may be struggling with this life altering decision. There are no audio recording requirements to be on the podcast. If you have recording gear such as microphones that would be considered an asset, but the minimum requirement is that you have access to a Skype account.

Feel free to get back to me here if you are interested. Thank you everybody!


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Good Afternoon guys, 

I've gone to university schooling. Games were not the primary reason for going, but the were definitely the biggest problem once I was out on my own. I've also read a couple of books on video game addiction,  "The Video Game Debate" by Rachel Kowert and Thorsten Quandt. And the "Moral Combat" book by Patrick M Markey, and Christopher Ferguson. I'd be willing to help/discuss if you wanted to. They do bring up some relevant points that might be worth discussing on the podcast such as problems researching violent video games, video game addiction, and how to get the APA to change their mind on its classification. 

Let me know if you feel like thats worth it or if you want to reach out for something else

William E Jones


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