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I am old enough to know better, wise enough to know that my addictive tendencies are better served with giving up games and TV  (and I've done so successfully in the past) and I have enough on my plate where I can't really afford to be spending my time on activities (specifically GAMES) that make me feel furtive, lazy, guilty and if I'm really honest: empty.  It reminds me of a sugar craving.I have a pretty substantial sweet tooth, yet I don't indulge it because I know it's a temporary pleasure which has longer consequences that I can do without, thank you.

So why have I find myself BACK at games and why haven't I quit already, even though I've been contemplating it for years? I realized recently that quitting for ME has never appeared on the list!!; I would feel embarrassed if many of my friends knew; I want to be a great example to my niblings and the next generation in general, it doesn't go well with the career I envision; I don't want to be playing in 5 years - heck, not even 5 months or 5 days.  It's just not what I want to be doing

I could blame Lyme and Lyme brain, but I was doing it long before Lyme.  I have taken some steps.  I quit playing more than one game (for the most part - I have gotten temporarily hooked a few times and I have multiple parks in the one game that I still play).  I play less (though not so little that I'm willing to honestly measure just how much I still play.  I am frankly getting somewhat bored with my game of choice (GOC).  Yet there seems to still be a wall that I haven't stepped over. I know that committing to it publicly will help  And this feels like a baby step towards that.

I can do it - I have done it before and plenty others have done it as well.  I am willing to give it some time before it feels totally convincing to me.




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Good luck on your decision or potential decision! Sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to make the change. And you know how much of a change it will be. Get rid of the enablers and just do those things of real value that you know you want or should be doing! Those urges will chase you but you can always find something better to do with your time. Choosing to do it is the crux of the matter!

Best of luck! And welcome!


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