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Hi, I'm a 19 years old loser who wasted a lot of time playing videogames. My life is so meanigless and useless and i never reached goals. So, more than a month ago i decided to stop playing videogames and change my life. Over the past few weeks I had some relapses, nothing too serious (e.g. Two  weeks ago on saturday evening I was bored so I played 2 hours and half). However start a new meaningful life is very difficult and that's why:

-I quitted university;

-I'm an ugly dude and girls laugh at me. I never kissed a girl and i lost virginity with a prostitute (you can judge me but you have to know that in my country it is legal and after i did it i felt better);

-I don't have friends except for one friend who is a super nerd. I explained him that i don't play anymore and that he should do the same. He doesn't want to follow my advice but I can't just let my only friend go away so I'll keep trying to improve also his life even if I have to become boring.

And now i'll explain you what i'm doing to change things ( i hope these things may be of help for whoever reads this topic):

-I train hard at least 4 time per week (martial arts and free body excercises) then i use to run the other days. It is hard and seeing that i'm alone and nobody spur me it is even harder but i keep trying even if to see results i have to wait a lot of time;

-I'm trying to study hard to enter university(I have to pass a test). Maybe this is the most difficult thing because i lack in willpower when i have to study;

-I play guitar (i started more than a year ago). I keep practice even if i still suck;

-I started to learn japanese just to increase my culture and become a more interesting person. For now i'm studying the alphabets and i learn few words per day but i'll start to take lesson soon;

-I help kids doing their homework to gain some money and keep myself busy

Now what i do when i'm tired:

-I draw even if i suck at it. Keep trying whitout taking it too seriously made me improving;

-I watch youtube videos (no gameplays) but trying to not pass much time on the net. I also stopped watching tv or stupid movies on it( that maybe are even worst than videogames). However some saturday evening i go to the cinema with my brother and the friende that i mentioned above.

Sorry for my shitty english.

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Welcome to the community man. I'm just starting down this path so I'm not really someone that can give a lot of advice or guidance but I know that you just posting here in a great first step. I'm a nurse by trade, so I just wanted to let you know that you should never consider yourself a loser and even though you might look back and think that you wasted a lot of time playing video games, that was time that you enjoyed at the time. Perspectives change as we grow and change throughout this strange world but we should never look at the past as something of deep regret. It happened and I can't go back and change it, so let me work on a new tomorrow.

You should try the 90 day detox for gaming (which it sounds like might be really easy) and start a journal with us. The people here are really interactive and it's a fun community.

Look forward to it man,

Good luck!

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Thanks. What I meant is that for the moment other people see me like a loser and even if can don't care i can't change their viewpoint but I didn't lose the hope and I'm going to become someone one day. Then, yes, i can start to keep track of the number of days that i don't play.

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