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  1. Day 11: I decided to quit gamequitters. I still wanna go on with the "no gaming program" and keep doing what i started to do to change my pathetic life but i don't wanna keep track of my progress in the forum anymore. The reason is that writing things about my monotonous life makes me feel more depressed and i find this activity useless. My path to change my life is very difficult because even if i'm working hard to make it happens other people don't care about me and still think that i'm a loser so i'm a foreign in my own shitty place. No one recognizes my efforts (differently from virtual world). Find motivation is really hard in real life and a forum or youtube cam's videos cannot help (even if i admire cam's work).
  2. Day 10:yesterday I talked to the friend that i mentioned in my presentation topic. I once said him to stop wasting his life playing videogames. So yesterday he said that in the last days he reflected on my words and even if he don't wanna stop playing videogames and he cannot even imagine 90 days without them he decided to try something new to improve his life. After this he invited me to play call of duty at his home. I didn't find an excuse to refuse so we played about two hours and half. I've never been a great player on CoD (i used to play it but it wasn't among my fovourite games) and maybe the last time i played it was last january, but i enjoyed it. When i played it yesterday it was still fun but not so much like when i was a true gamer and then that fleeting game experience gave me guilt. I don't know if i should restart the countdown after this relapse
  3. Welcome! Two months without gaming is a lot yet. The most important thing is fill the time with something else to avoid relapses
  4. my brother hasn't problems with gaming (he had some sort in the past, but now he can play responsibly) then he has friends, go to school etc. In the end i didn't sell the consoles but just few games. Trivia: i sold one of the game (a pegi 18 game) to a father that said that it is for his 8 years old son. if one day i'll be a father i don't know if i can keep my son away from gaming
  5. Day 5:-I decided to don't use youtube anymore: i noticed that even if i don't watch videogames videos i still waste a lot of time on it watching other trash on it. So now i'll use it only if i wanna download music or watch something educative. -my brother didn't agree with me when i told him to sell consoles. However I didn't fell the need to play, mostly because afeter some considerations i reached the consciousness that play videogames is such a stupid thing: you do always the same actions without an end. Maybe gaming addiction isn't my first problem but i wanna still complete the 90 days challege and eventually stop playing forever to develop other useful skills, become tougher and, why not, also an example for others.
  6. This NoFap thing seems useless to me. Jerking off dosn't bring any damage so i think that do it sometimes is normal. Personally i don't do it each day but if i stop for more than 2 weeks i'll have a wet dream. Obviously sex is a different thing but if i don't have opportunities to do it don't see anything wrong in jerking off. As ever sorry if my english is bad
  7. I eliminated all the subscriptions to mailing lists (rockstar, ubisoft, avtivision, ecc) and to youtube channels related to videogames.
  8. I decided do write something sometimes in this journal. I quitted games more than a month ago but i've had some relapses so i started count detox days from 3 days ago, when i submitted the forum. I won't update my journal every day because days are all pretty the same, but i'll update the journal every 3-7 days or if something interesting will happen. Day 3:- This week i kept training hard. -I'm trying to sell some games to avoid temptation, but it's difficult because i'm asking a lot seeing that i want gain some money while getting rid of them. -I'm still registered to Rockstar games mailing list so i received infos about the new Red Dead Redemption 2 (too much hype!) that will fall in 2018. It seems so cool, but i have to resist and not buy it.
  9. Thanks. What I meant is that for the moment other people see me like a loser and even if can don't care i can't change their viewpoint but I didn't lose the hope and I'm going to become someone one day. Then, yes, i can start to keep track of the number of days that i don't play.
  10. Hi, I'm a 19 years old loser who wasted a lot of time playing videogames. My life is so meanigless and useless and i never reached goals. So, more than a month ago i decided to stop playing videogames and change my life. Over the past few weeks I had some relapses, nothing too serious (e.g. Two weeks ago on saturday evening I was bored so I played 2 hours and half). However start a new meaningful life is very difficult and that's why: -I quitted university; -I'm an ugly dude and girls laugh at me. I never kissed a girl and i lost virginity with a prostitute (you can judge me but you have to know that in my country it is legal and after i did it i felt better); -I don't have friends except for one friend who is a super nerd. I explained him that i don't play anymore and that he should do the same. He doesn't want to follow my advice but I can't just let my only friend go away so I'll keep trying to improve also his life even if I have to become boring. And now i'll explain you what i'm doing to change things ( i hope these things may be of help for whoever reads this topic): -I train hard at least 4 time per week (martial arts and free body excercises) then i use to run the other days. It is hard and seeing that i'm alone and nobody spur me it is even harder but i keep trying even if to see results i have to wait a lot of time; -I'm trying to study hard to enter university(I have to pass a test). Maybe this is the most difficult thing because i lack in willpower when i have to study; -I play guitar (i started more than a year ago). I keep practice even if i still suck; -I started to learn japanese just to increase my culture and become a more interesting person. For now i'm studying the alphabets and i learn few words per day but i'll start to take lesson soon; -I help kids doing their homework to gain some money and keep myself busy Now what i do when i'm tired: -I draw even if i suck at it. Keep trying whitout taking it too seriously made me improving; -I watch youtube videos (no gameplays) but trying to not pass much time on the net. I also stopped watching tv or stupid movies on it( that maybe are even worst than videogames). However some saturday evening i go to the cinema with my brother and the friende that i mentioned above. Sorry for my shitty english.
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