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Brain's peak performance?


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I have had a pattern that goes like this: Wake up. 1-2 hrs after, make a little bit of music for the project. Start to make 1 to 3 bad decisions/feel fatigued. Stop making music and do something else which doesn't need as much performance. The result I've had were consistent that I made some nice tracks and especially when it comes to learning and remembering german. I couldn't find anything about brain performance at it's peak when I searched the web so I thought I'd ask here, see if anyone has experienced anything similar when they wake up.

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Well, there are circadian rhythms, and each person has their own energy levels (there are more diurnal people and nocturnal people, or there's a certain peak hour in the day, etc). Check those out and keep observing yourself. As a rule of thumb either you start the day at your highest energy levels so you should do the meanest, toughest task of the day asap, or you have a "golden hour" through the day and then you should be keeping a steady path of little victories before reaching that moment to help momentum going upwards. Do I make sense? 

It happens to me the moment I make a bad but avoidable decision, as you say, everything begins to go down steadily. That's why it's important to have a "morning ritual" (a stablished and practically set in stone routine to start the day at your best). Also whenever you start to feel tired, which is usually after a certain, measurable period of time every day, that's the moment you should take a break to relax and reconnect with yourself. Meditation works for me in this case.

Let me know if you find it useful and keep updating on your progress! 

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Consider learning about willpower. Books recommended are the willpower instinct, and tie this in with your own research into topics like meditation, exercise, diet, routine, and effective habits of highly successful people. The concepts are intertwined really, as your willpower drops you will want to avoid things more and more. Its a limited expendable energy that isn't unending like people would like to make you think. 

So the idea in quick summary is to tackle the tasks you least want to do early that take the most willpower to push yourself through, and then gradually work your way down the list towards the bottom as your willpower thins doing tasks that you find more and more enjoyable.

Meditation, diet and exercise will just improve your overall energy, mood, willpower, and focus. Goodluck!

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