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Hi Guys

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Hey guys, 

How are you? Slow recoverer from compulsive gaming. Though I have that, and other dopamine dispensing habits mostly under control, I sometimes still binge on my former addictions. Hope to help some people here and learn a lot  from you guys as well :)

Greets, Timon

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Welcome! So glad you've decided to join our community. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. We are so much stronger when we work together. How did you get into gaming and other habits?

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Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome.

Well I guess it just gradually happened over time. I remember playing mario with friends when I was four. Since that moment, it just gradually grew. In my youth it was still a lot with friends and my brothers. But in the end it just culminated in my sitting in my room playing RPG's infinitely. I did used to do it alot to numb my loneliness or heart break. But it doesn't really help recover or make friends. Haha, but I am spending my time mostly better now. Working out or annoying my girlfriend. How did you guys get in to the habit?

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