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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

The First Step

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I'm Mike and I'm 23, self employed and I still managed to play way too many games.

I remember when I first got a video games system. It was the the N64 and my parents got it for me with some glover game. I had no idea how to play it or what to do, but I thought it was awesome. Instead of just watching the screen I could affect what happened on it! I went through the GBA, game cube, xbox, xbox360 and eventually PC gaming. My friends were always gamers. I had a friend I played World of Warcraft with and then my school buddies and me would play Call of Duty. I didnt have many close friends and didnt get along well with my parents. I never got invited to anything by my friends and I wanted to stay away from family. I locked myself into a screen. I remember checking my play time of WoW once. I have 24 days played on 1 character. I spent literally 1 month of my existence playing 1 character on 1 game.

I didn't get better after high school. I played less my first semester of college away from home, but that was mostly because the internet was not always good enough to play Dota 2. But when I decided I didn't like my major and went to a school near my parents house to save money I started again. Any time not dedicated to school was spent in games. It was basically a black hole for time. I would play games in class when I could get away with it.

Now my games are costing me sleep. If I even play a little bit I end up losing 3 hours and that time is normally taken out of other things I like doing or sleep. Its hurting my business, my health and my growth as a person. I always go towards easy fun a few clicks away. It takes away from my work ours, riding my bicycle, the reading I want to do... Video games are a cancer I need to cut out. I dont want to be a slave to easy enjoyment anyway. I'm a bit worried because I am at my computer most of the day and I watch/listen to a lot of video game related video while working. Those will need to go as well and I question my ability to stick with that. It also feels much more real posting my desire to stop rather than just telling my self for the 9th....no 11th.... no xth time that I will quit. I'm happy to be here and give it all the time and attention quitting needs.

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