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Ways to gain confidence + social skills


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Yo new to this thing 19 here and that , 2nd post ever, looking for great ways to boost confidence and develop some social skills summers coming up and ill be off for 4 months which i think i can hopefully improve productively for the next year in university although i feel like being shot with a bullet as i cant push myself to do it unless i get approached 1st which i shouldnt really be relying on.

1 way i managed to stop these games dramatically was by focusing purely going for work and that, and kept the games to a severe minimum with almost half a week of nothing to being busy with studies and that ,working out at the gym also filling up the time and gotten some enjoyment from boxing Although i fear that when my classes end i may go back to my old self which i dont want to happen i used to just binge games all the damn time

But the main thing really is to be more sociable and stop relying on others to initiate, developed some anxiety and basicly keeping a low profile so to speak unless asked where i can respond reasonably well, and its a bit weird i feel insanely fine with old longtime friends who i talk to now and then as i known them from way back and its like im 2 different people lol 2 opposites

What would be a good way to start out this new chapter some suggestions to break out of this would be great ;)

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Welcome. Summer is one of the best times to improve your social skills. The thing I would suggest for you is to create a project around it. What could your project be this summer that would help you improve your social skills? Maybe it's hosting an event once a week for friends - which means you need to make friends to fill the event (even if it's small at first). Maybe it's going to something NEW every week. Maybe it's meeting at least one new person/day and journaling about it for 90 days. A project gives structure and focus.

I would also recommend watching my videos on social skills and the Charisma on Command YouTube channel (friends of mine who I deeply respect in this area).

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Yeah Skyline123, you can follow classes, join clubs or anything related to an interested or skill you can do in a group. This is a great way to learn something new, with other people, and bond around that! That has certainly helped me in the past :)! 

Cam also shows some cool sources to get started on the theory, but combine them with practice!

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Yeh going with a who cares just do it attitude where i ended up going in a class room with no1 i knew and managed to get a decent conversation  w/ some1 for an introduction and that and starting at this dodge ball club this saturday 

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