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5 Seconds Rule


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My brother linked me one really interesting video and I think it would somehow work when it comes to quit gaming. 

I don't know have you talked about this yet, just started to took closer look for all of this stuff but here it is : https://youtu.be/GEdNNEqiA_w

There is more content of this, but this video give quick idea what's that 5 Second rule is about

What you think about this? 

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This makes total sense. I'm always thinking about what I need/want to do but then I end up thinking about it waaaay too much to the point where Im like, "I don't feel like doing it anymore". This opens up a new perspective for me. Thanks for this!

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Doesn't work for me. If I have an impulse to do something I simply initiate. 5 seconds or not. However, if I have an impulse to not do something it doesn't matter if I count to 5 hours or 5 nano-seconds.

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