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ADVANTAGES and PROBLEMS with Quitting Gaming


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I'm unsure if this thread was done before (couldn't find it in a quick scan), but I think everyone benefits from making this list – calling to mind the advantages should help you not to relapse. 

Keep it short and juicy to make this thread a central point for quick motivation and inspiration but also to find out what others are struggling with (so that you know that you are not alone with your problem).



1.       saved time

2.       sports = lean and healthy, posture

3.       intimidating, less shy, kindness

4.       money saved

5.       mind and heart more unified, improved concentration, ability to listen, memory and organizational skills, multi-tasking, emotional stability, enjoy the things at hand, focus

6.       read books, gain useful skills and get inspired

7.       drawing and getting real appreciation feels much better

8.       less things are reliant on chance, take control, grow much more predatory

9.       open to new things/ideas, not afraid to try something new, horizon has expanded greatly.

10.   eating habits have improved, healthy



·         Loneliness

·         Boredom

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Nice idea! What quitting gaming essentially does is it opens you up to a new world; a new perspective with a wider breadth than the monitor and a brighter glare than any LCD display. It plunges you down a rabbit hole in the warren of life and which tunnels you traverse are defined by who you are as a person! Quitting gaming is essentially an action that leads to many others and the outcome is never definite.


  1. more masculine
  2. less fear of expression
  3. more emotional stability
  4. more mature
  5. more desire for exploration
  6. in touch with purpose in life/ knowing myself and my identity
  7. more physical activity
  8. accepting of pain and discomfort
  9. more responsible
  10. understanding more about life/ philosophy/ psychology/ religion/ society
  11. being able to explore my hobbies more and develop skills- art, reading


  1. More realist/ aware view of life has me angry and feeling nihilistic sometimes
  2. Feeling lonely in real life. The internet (these forums, nofap etc.) is my only bastion of friendship.
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Really like this idea!


  1. More time to do other things
  2. Getting fitter every day
  3. I'm using much of my past gaming time to learn new skills
  4. More money
  5. Spending more time with real people
  6. I write much more now
  7. I read even more books now
  8. Having more motivation to make something out of my life
  9. Started to draw again
  10. Exploring new activities/hobbies
  11. Feeling more energetic
  12. Accepting my feelings more
  13. Getting to know the real world, and realizing that it's not as bad as I always thought
  14. As I did not relapse (yet), I feel that I'm much stronger than I would have thought


  1. Feeling lonely
  2. Realizing how much time I lost while playing video games
  3. Don't know what to do with all that free time
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