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New to the community/ my story

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Hi guys, my name is Justin im 27. Im addicted to competitive gaming. I used to never play video games at least never online and maybe 5 hours a week. Then when I broke up with my gf of 2 years at the time. I felt a little down so I started playing Madden ultimate team it's like a fantasy football team that you build your team with different current stars and legends. You start with a bad team then you try to build your players by Saving up coins or some people buy packs they sell to get the best players. I was instantly hooked I mean football, competition, and rewards for winning I was sold. I started out average and then I started getting upset and started looking on YouTube for blitzes and spending money to better my team. I started practicing with elite players. I ended up getting very good so good I was ranked number 12 in the world and beat some of Madden's best players. I would spend the next 2 years playing 8-10 hours a day only thing I would do is work , eat, play Madden with little sleep. I spent a few hundred dollars and a ton of time so I could maintain my status on leaderboards. I recently this last year got married. I've cut back a lot but I still to play too much for my wife's liking. She feels second to the games. It's kinda scary how addicted I get and tuned out to the world. I vowed to my gf I'd quit. Im thinking of getting rid of the temptation and sell my Xbox. I need to find my purpose and motivation. Quitting video games is a huge challenge. Glad I found this community and cam

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