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Like most, I've been gaming my whole life.  However, the last five or six years has been much more often.  I grew up in rural Canada, spent twenty-eight years there.  Most of my time was spent outdoors, ya know, doing stuff in the real world.  Went to University, moved to Colorado, got a job, and started a family.  Moving to a new place, much different than what I was used to, was a catalyst on my gaming habits.  I lost nearly everything I was accustomed to and found solace on a computer.  I'm a bit of an introvert, a lone wolf, a self-choosing loner.  I'm in a high stress, high danger job, and have changed as a person.  I have four kids, whom are my world, and a wonderful wife.  What happens when you take a country redneck and move him to a state with five times as many people as he grew up?  Well, he retracts away from everything and everyone.  I find myself doing exactly what Cam has spoken about in his videos.  I'm living my adventures in an electronic box.  I find myself here in Colorado for over ten years now and still haven't found a strong set of friends.  I've realized much of this is my own fault through my abuse of gaming.  It's time for a change, time to better my situation, time to be more active, and time to stop the negative influence I'm having on my kids.

I'm hesitant to spend the money on the program, so I'm hoping to find most of what I need here on the forums and whatever I can find on YouTube.  I believe I can do this; however, I know filling my time with something else I enjoy will be instrumental.  Here's to the days ahead, and real adventures again.

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