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My 90daynogamingdetox

Vlad Raileanu

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Ok so on 3rd february 2017 , i've delete all my games from computer and gave my league of legends account and steam account to my brother to change the email and password .  

Here's my story: i first got in touch with videgames when i was 5-7 years old when my dad brought them at home. Those were simple flash games, then at 10-12 i was playing games like GTA , Counter strike 1.6, and then when i got 13-14 i started to play this game, that my brother introduced me to called League of Legends. This is probably the game i played the most and had around 2500+ hours of gameplay, 500+ hours in streams and youtube gameplay. The thing is i combined this game with playing Minecraft. Here i also had around 1000-1500 hours. Now lately (17-18years) i played CS:GO (another 300-400 hours) and nowadays the last game i've been playing was robocraft in which i managed to get 120 hours of game in 3-4weeks, sometimes playing 10-14 hours of gameplay. Added with other games im sure there are more then 7000hours. 

I decided that as a 18yearsguy , soon turning 19, i have other priorities , and from what i've seen videogames were just a means to escape, to waste time , to get dopamine. They didn't help me with anything longterm. From my perspective, they are just a waste of time, the more you spend time in this virtual world of "fantasy" the more your real life is hard and sucks. Videogames basically suck the joy of life, they make life a cheaper a less valuable experience, when you play videogames everything else seems dull in comparison. Over the last months i tried to quit them by decreasing the time played , but i failed a lot and decided that the best way to go is to quit "cold turkey". 

I'll update this post in the months to come. Peace! 

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Hello Vlad!

7000 hours... I think you'll be an expert in any field you'd like to.

However, there's still chance to become an expert in something else than just video games.

I have a question for you: What are you going to substitute gaming with? I mean, what would you like to do instead of gaming?

Give me at least 3 activities to do instead. I'll give you my example: I write replies on this forum, playing guitar and reading fiction. How about you? :)

P.S. mindless Internet browsing doesn't count :)

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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Well, it not like i need some hobbies to fill up my time ; what i'm trying at the moment is to build discipline. First of all this is my last year of highschool and in 5-6 i'll take my exam and my application for college. I quit videogames because they are a distraction from the work i have to do and after i get in college i'm not thinking to go back to this ocupation. Overall im trying to eliminate these instant-gratification relating activities (gaming happened to be the most relevant of all) which is also mindless browsing on internet, excessive youtube usage , junkfood , sweets (unhealthyfood). 

Anyway, getting to those 3 activies you were talking about: for me a big one is drawing because i'm applying to architecture school, but i would recommand some habits i've been practicing lately which are:

1. meditation for 15-20 min / day along with 5minutes of positive affirmations

2. running for 30min in the morning (5 - 6 am)

3. reading 10-15 pages of a self-help book everyday. 

Also, i would recommand exercising regularly with simple workouts like 50-100 pushups/squads/dips etc. everyday and taking coldshower which have a tons of benefits.

Cheers, Vlad

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 Love the avatar. :)

That's something we call "Pieseł" in Polish memes :D



90daydetox is just the beginning , im not even considering going back to gaming, it would be a waste of time and energy :D 


That's good for now, but once you'll finish detox I'm ready to give you some advice to ensure you'll do 1000 days :)

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