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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

New here so hello and stuff


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Hi folks,

27yo male type human person here. I've played games for so long I can't fully remember just when or how long that even encompasses. I can remember back wayy back to PC games on floppy disks and sonic rings in a tumbling multicolored world. I don't recall a time in my life where I've thought about ceasing game play. It's all I've known but I grow tired of the disorganization in my life. I spend almost all of my free time using vidya geamz as a sense of escape and a tool for procrastinating like slug or mighty sloth. But I enjoy them! The vibrancy and lore (stories) the twists and yeah the instant gratification with measurable progression is definitively now tacked into my psyche as why I haven't stopped for you know... my whole ass life. I got an organizer (it was a panda planner) and started working out at the start of the new year and I consistently find myself having recorded that I have not meet small goals due to copious amounts of gaming. I need it end now and hopefully that will be what comes of this! I live out in Centennial CO. For anyone close to that place - hit me up lets talk about stuff. 

To uninstall or to leave installed? THAT IS THE QUESTION!

gEAMz all pc only tho


almost everything Blizzard has

40+ games on steam

10+ browser games like facebook style

Thanks everyone,



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I wish you well.

Uninstalling games is the first step. Pack all gaming related clutter somewhere in a box and hide it from sight - out of sight out of mind.

The more radical you are about removing games - the more weight and momentum you'll have. Don't attempt to change too fast or it'll backfire. Stick to watching movies and series or writing for a couple of days and look out for alternatives. Get used to the change slowly.

Oh and yea - all the limitations imposed by games are now history. I'm typing on a dvorak keyboard layout and I switched to a trackball to change the way I interact with computers. It kind of helped!!

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