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Hello everyone,

I found gamequitters a couple of months ago, and I decided it was a good idea to see if it's for me, by not playing videogames as much. I used to play hours every day, and now I play very sporadically, and never really miss it. The only conclusion I can draw is that videogame addiction is not really an issue for me.

Now you might ask, why am I here then? I'm not 100% sure myself, but I read some of your testimonies, and I do share a very similar experience. I am more or less stuck in a crippling addiction to content and media in general.

I finished high school, and then failed university. After failing uni I figured out a way to make money by playing videogames, I became a professional poker player. I did this for about 5 years, until my depression finally caught up to me and I got professional help, where I was diagnosed with ASD. While I don't currently play poker anymore, I am still stuck in the same lifestyle of doing nothing except stay home and watch clips, read newspaper articles, and, until a couple of months ago, play videogames.

EDIT: I actually don't do 'nothing', that is overstating it, since I do work out about 8 hours per week (using the internet again, r/bodyweightfitness) and I visit a therapist once a fortnight. I hoped it would 'activate' me, but it didn't.

I am honestly not quite sure what to do with this, but I figure it can't hurt to introduce myself here at least. I don't know if 90day detox is actually realistic, because I'm on the pc right now, writing this, so it's hard to completely get away from the internet altogether.


Greetings, and best wishes.

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