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You can always start with smaller duration for activites. 15 min walking, for example, and slowly ramp up. I find that to be much less overwhelming and more doable.

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I haven’t been writing here in a while. I kept procrastinating and forgot. So, since I set myself some new goals to work on 2 weeks ago, I have been quite sporadic. I started off well at first and quickly fell off the wagon and lost consistency. With meditation, I only did it 3-4 times the past 2 weeks and reading was even less. I haven’t been going outside at all for the past week.


I was gaming only temporary and didn’t notice it affecting my time but I stopped, because I noticed it was getting out of control after a certain point.  


I am still spending too much time on mindless browsing but I find it easier to discipline myself and some days are really good. It is getting quite boring and that makes it easier to stop now.


Nofap is hard, and just peeking briefly at porn quickly leads me to relapsing


I am starting to get more serious from now on, because there is less than a month until school starts 

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I struggle with nofap too. With me, the important battle is the porn. If I fap without porn, ok not ideal, but it's still an improvement.  I'm noticing lots of people struggling with mindless browsing.

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