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Too many hobbies?


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Lately I have been thinking and I think I might have too many hobbies. I want to be able to apply myself more to a few hobbies and excel in them but I always find myself holding off on one thing to do another.

So here is what I am doing with my time:

- Reading: I have bought a load of books. I like books because they inspire me.

- Art: I have talent and I want to enhance it.

- Drumming: so I have been playing for a year and this is a rather neglected hobby. But I have given up on instruments a lot in the past and I don't want to quit. I also feel inspired when I see my favourite drummers play.

- Singing: so the style of singing I do is metal vocals. So imagine punching the cookie monster in the balls and making him sing. That's what they sound like. I'm getting better and I want to be able to do normal singing well too. But it annoys the shit out of my parents (drumming does too tbh) so I don't do it often which sucks.

-Climbing: I really like it and I feel like I should have more physical hobbies (another reason to stick with drumming).

-Learning German: I always find myself slacking off on this one. But I need it because my dream is to travel across Europe and stay in Germany for some time.

-On top of this I have studying which is compulsory for me because I am working towards a degree in electrical engineering. And also just watching YouTube and browsing and  the occasional movie. I only ever watch or do productive things though (in terms of expanding my knowledge mostly). Not let's plays or any of that shit. I would say these are the most time consuming things.

It doesn't look like much but in practice it really is. It is also very hard to give up on any of them because I love them all and they are all part of my dream. When I see really successful people in my hobbies, they always very committed. It is very difficult to apply myself well in everything at once.

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