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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I got 5 days!


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That may not sound like much to some of you.  But each day I have to tell myself I will just make it through today without playing Ryzom or checking ingame mail or looking at the forums.

I am so angry.  I want to go back and tell them the most perfect hateful thing I can to hurt them like they have hurt me.

Sometimes I think I am using that for an excuse. "Surely I should be allowed to go back and have the perfect last word!" lol

I have to let go of this hate.

I picked a class called marauder to play and announced when I first started the game that I wanted to pvp.

Every faction and Customer Service rep eventually turned on me.  Not because I was doing such horrible things.  Mainly I was just grinding.  No they turned on me because they don't want anyone to talk in chat, use the forums, use the rp, have any voice at all and you must be a guild slave.  Too much distance between the old players and the new ones.  And pvp is considered socially unacceptable in a mainly crafting game.

I feel so angry that they would misrepresent this game on their website sitting me up for all the pain and misery I have known in the last year and a half.

I have seriously considered finding a class action law suit to join to file against them and their poor business practices.

But then I look at it.  I have to let it go.

In real life I have friends.  I am not thought to be a bad person.  And what have a really accomplished by getting ten more levels today?

I can walk away from this game and never see any of my friends or enemies again.  They will never come to my house and tell me what a failure I am.  I have to let it go.

It is not friends that draw me back to the game.  It's paying back every unfair, elitest in the game that makes me want to go back.  I have to let it go.

I would so love to meet some of these people in real life and just slap them really hard. 

I watched a movie today.  I will work on my yard.  I want to work on my book.  I should take a walk and check my mail.  Really should sweep this floor... lol

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