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To Be Or Not To Be(Skilled Trades)


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   There are soo many options right now going through my head concerning what I wanna go to school for.

Is there anybody here that has had experience in any trades?

Because I'm trying to make up my mind. I'm thinking of either becoming an electrician, auto mechanic, or auto body technician.

   It's really a hard decision. I kind of think that the mechanic body stuff will be too difficult, but that's just negative thinking as I know I can do anything I set my mind to. I like the electrician idea as it will pay well, and from what I've seen not super difficult.(but what do I know)The thing though that peaks my interest is the auto mechanic trade, it seems like that would be really fun, tinkering and such, but I know really all these jobs are going to be hard, and that's alright, it's work. But I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience or could maybe aid me in coming to a conclusion. Thanks.

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I would favor to ebcoma an electrician. The world gets more electriefied form day to day you get easy Jobs and good pay. Also it is easy to go from beeing educated eletrician and hardware Close programmer. It leaves more room for improvement. But I don't know much about the other two options. Tinkering with electircal devices is really fun too. You could for example build microcontroller to controll stuff in your house. Thermostats and stuff. Homeautomation can be usefull and very interesting. The skills you are learning to become an electrician can be very usefull for alls orts fo things :) But well im excited about this ebcause I decided to learn more about electroncs after my studies doesn't include it. So I am clearly biased.

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Lol. Thanks though whether your opinion was biased or not. But I'm still unsure of what I will do lol. They all have good qualities about them, become a electrician for good pay, auto body technician is the same pretty much(really good pay in fact), and auto mechanic, not so sharp on pay but it does interest me.

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