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Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing. You got it right: forgiving might be hard, but it's necessary to live a happy life. I've been there myself, over and over again. Fortunately it becomes easier with practice. Because yes, every day there's someone or something to forgive. Most importantly you can learn to forgive yourself.

One thing that helped me (and helps me still) is Buddhist philosophy. If you are interested I found Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach one of the most accessible and human books on, ehm, "applied Buddhism".

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Thanks Tom! I greatly appreciate the link. I'm very open minded when it comes to various religions and philosophies. There are always lessons to be learned from any of them.

I've read some of the preview pages on the Amazon link and I think I’ll definitely check out the book. Unexpectedly, It seems to touch a bit on the constant judging by society as well, which is another bonus.

I don't belong to a particular denomination, I attend different churches and read texts from other religions to get a broader perspective and learn new things. Most of my family belongs to one particular denomination (which there is nothing wrong with), but as you can imagine, I am judged heavily for my choice. Also, when I decided to start a business, I was smirked at and told to get a job. A business isn't necessarily superior or inferior to a job either, but its a preference and I've been working very hard at making it grow. I'm not a big fan of clubs or TV series, but take a lot of interest in reading about space and watching informative documentaries, though I've been judged as being boring because my interests don't necessarily conform. So yeah.. I have always had a bit of a resistance when it comes to the judging thing. I dislike it for some reason, irrespective of personal performance.


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